Green jeans were the thing

Do you remember the pants we used to wear back in the day?  When I was in high school, I got this one pair of green Kid ‘n Play jeans and I thought I was the shiznit.  I soon added a purple, and then a turquoise pair to my collection.  2 Hype!

I also fell victim to the overalls craze.  I had this acid-wash pair of overall denim shorts that I would wear with embarrassing regularity.  Mercifully, so was everyone else, one strap on, one strap off, because that was how the cool kids were doing it.

Same for your backpack.  Two straps were for LOSERS (the development of chronic back pain the only true sign that you were willing to sacrifice for your awesomeness).

What else?  The penny-rolled jeans.  That seems to come around every 50 years or so.  Hopefully I can remember how to do it so I can show my grand kids.

Fluorescent was in, then out, now I guess in again.  I wish I would have kept my Converse All Star collection.  I had a fluorescent orange pair, a fluorescent turquoise pair, and a yellow pair (I don’t know what my problem with white or black was).

Those hypercolor t-shirts.  Here was a built-in excuse to go up and touch someone for no apparent reason, and it just so happened to coincide perfectly with my budding teenage years.  Genius!  Are those still around?

And you know I had the Vanilla Ice lightning bolts in my ‘do.  Ice, ice baby.

8 thoughts on “Green jeans were the thing

  1. Surely you mean junior high, friend. If you were truly wearing purple jeans and acid-washed overalls in high school, I’m afraid I’m going to have to re-evaluate our relationship.

  2. The overalls were, in fact, junior high. Early junior high.

    The purple jeans, I’m afraid, were sophomore year. But I have never claimed to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

    I hope that in your re-evaluation you will at least consider that what I lack in fashion sense I make up for in charm, wit, and, of course, humility.

  3. No, you did NOT wear purple jeans in 1993-94. You’re telling me that while everyone else was listening to gangster rap and Blind Melon and wearing flannel, you were wearing freaking purple and turquoise jeans????

    I feel like my world is crashing down. Can’t…breathe…

  4. Easy, Daisy. While I am admitting that, yes, I was, sometimes, wearing purple jeans in the period you reference, I would argue that “everyone else” is a relative term. I don’t know what fashion-forward mecca YOU found yourself at the center of during the period at issue, but I assure you that the majority of people that I was hanging out and going to school with were dressed in the exact same way.

    I would also contend that, during this same period, I was probably listening to more gangster rap than anyone you knew.

    I will confess that I am having a hard time processing the concept of anyone listening to gangster rap AND Blind Melon.

    Rest assured, I did own and wear flannel, just like “everyone else.”

    Somehow, mercifully, my atrocious wardrobe missteps did not seem to hamper me too fatally in terms of social and emotional development. If only there had been someone to show me the way…

    Don’t let your world crash, friend. Take heart. I further propose that I have more than made up for any youthful misdeeds with an abundance of style and pizazz. You should see me now!

    • I had MC Hammer pants in Junior High. In Mr. Himmelspach’s 8th grade science class I fell asleep and awoke to the sounds of everyone laughing at the little nap-erection I was sporting, swaddled proudly in those parachutes on my legs. Never wore them again.

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