3-Day Weekend, Every Week?

Every time I come off a three-day weekend, I find myself thinking “now that was a real weekend!”  Because two days just don’t cut it.  Weekends are about three things: (1) chores (unfortunately), (2) relaxation (of necessity), and (3) fun!  And that’s a lot of stuff.  With only two days to squeeze it all in, it’s the fun that usually suffers.  Big time! 

I think you need at least one whole day devoted to each of those things.

This is how my weekends usually go.  Get woken up way earlier than I would like Saturday morning.  A  LONG  to-do list awaits me, always including, but rarely limited to, yard work (i.e. mow the lawn, trim, weed, chop stuff down, drag stuff, dig stuff up).  Usually there are also things that need to be cleaned, fixed, moved, and/or organized on the list.  There is an astonishing amount of “organizing” going on at any given time.

After that, there is invariably shopping to be done.  And not cool shopping, like bookstore shopping, or candy shopping, or motorcycle shopping, or Best Buy shopping.  We’re talking lame shopping, like grocery, kid clothes, furniture, or, worse, “home goods” shopping (i.e. organizers [surprise, surprise], paint, home decorations, “accessories” [YUCK!]).

Somewhere in there I try to exercise, because though I try to get some in during the week, the reality is that my Monday-Friday exercise routine, because of work and home and other obligations, usually leaves much to be desired.  This time away from the family is always resented, always deemed “too long,” and always wipes out whatever residual energy I somehow still have, despite my near-chronic lack of sleep and motivation.  But I persevere.  Better a weekend warrior than no warrior at all.

We try to get the kids down and watch a movie Saturday nights, but usually by the time we get the kids to sleep and do everything else we have to do, we’ll watch for about half a movie, give up and go to bed.

Only to be woken up EVEN EARLIER Sunday morning.  Ugh!  But it’s probably for the best, as we have to go to church anyway.  Everyone needs an outfit, everyone needs to be clean, everyone needs to be dressed and fed.  We need to bring enough toys and books and drinks and snacks to keep everyone controllable for the marathon ahead.  We are always late.  Which is fine, because our kids won’t stay still/silent long enough for us to catch more than about 5 minutes of the first meeting anyway.  When you have kids that small, you basically just go to church to chase them around the halls for three hours, which would lead some (but not all) to question why we even go in the first place.  But I digress.

After church, two of the three kids usually nap, though never long enough.  The third is noisy and bored and whining.  We try to anxiously engage in wholesome and restful (i.e. boring) activities, often giving up in light of all the chores and busy work that did not get completely done Saturday.  Fun is bad on Sunday, so it’s boring stuff, leftover chores, or nothing.

Still, somehow, seem to go to bed way too late, then it’s Monday morning, exhausted and back to the grind.

3-day weekends are better.  Even then, there is rarely a whole day devoted to fun, but you usually manage to get some in somewhere.

I always, when I have one, wonder what it would be like to have one every week.  It sure sounds nice.

Some states have tried, making every week a four-day work week.  The general consensus seems to be that it is good for morale, but does not seem to realize the tangible savings the procedure was designed to implement.  Whatever that means.  Less days of work seems like a no-lose situation, no matter how you slice it.

Of course, some professions, there is no official five-day work week anyway.  Some jobs you could work 7 days a week, and only 7 then because there are only 7 days in a week.  If you’re not a M-F, 9-5er, I guess you don’t really have a dog in this fight.

Just for the sake of argument, though, should they all be 3-day weekends?  If we had that, would we want yet more?  Does the fact that most work weeks are 5 days make the 4 days seem more special?

6 thoughts on “3-Day Weekend, Every Week?

  1. I like the idea of 4 day weeks better than 5, but I like the idea of zero day work weeks better.

    Also, you should get laid as often as possible. Nothing keeps the icy fingers of boredom away like a good romp.

  2. Oh man, your shopping paragraph is hilarious. I love your wife already, because I LOVE ORGANIZING too! (though you might not know it if you saw the state of my home on any given day). I totally get what you are talking about re: Sundays, as I just wrote about that same topic on my blog this week. We don’t follow a typical 5 day work week schedule. We actually get every other weekend off (Fri,Sat,Sun). So I guess every other weekend is like a 3-day weekend. It’s the ONE perk of working Law Enforcement…I guess. Let me tell you how much I LOVE those weekends. But. generally speaking, I don’t know if we should have it every weekend. We’d probably get more lazy, and then sooner or later it wouldn’t be enough and like you said, we’d start wanting more and more! I think we better just take advantage of them when we do get them. Make the most out of that extra day. Totally devote it to FUN! (oh, and organizing is way fun!)

  3. In the linked article, it talked about how one state is taking back the 4-day work week and returning to a traditional 5-day. People were upset because they had arranged daycare in accordance with the 4-day work week (understandable), but also because they had taken another job on that day or were using the time for volunteering. Are these people NUTS? If I could have an extra day off every week, but still get paid the same, the LAST thing I would be doing would be getting another job. Crazy!!!

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