Define “rambling”

If I coin the phrase “compulsive sentence completer,” will you know what I am talking about?

I used to work with one of these.  She meant well, but conversations with her would always go something like this:

Me:  “So I was going to the…”

Her: “Store!!!” (she would interject enthusiastically before I could possibly have completed my sentence).

Me: “No, actually.  The post…”

Her: “Office!!!” (she would practically shout)

Me: “Uh…yeah…”

Her: (anxiously waiting to pounce)

Me:  “And it was…”

Her: “Nice!!!

Me:  “No, it was lame.  The lines were too…”

Her: “Long!!!

Me: “(ignoring her now) and I couldn’t figure out why…”

Her:  “They don’t have a McDonalds connected to the post office with free Happy Meals for every customer, only, instead of a toy, like for a kid, you get a free letter opener or something.  I KNOW.  I’ve always wondered the same thing!!!

Me:  “Um, no, why there are never more than two…”

Her:  “Kinds of Elvis stamps to choose from!!!

Me:  “No, employees working during the lunch hour, which would seem like the busiest time of the…”

Her: “DAY!!!

I usually just give up around this point, allowing her to have both sides of “our” conversation for us.

What is it?  Is it something about me, or does she do this to everyone?  Do I ramble?  Am I a rambler?  Is the prospect of waiting for what I finally sputter out in conclusion of my sentence just more than she can bear?  Is it me or is it her?  Does she do this to other people?  Does she do this to everyone?

Let’s see…


a : to move aimlessly from place to place b : to explore idly
: to talk or write in a desultory or long-winded wandering fashion
: to grow or extend irregularly

No, I don’t think I ramble.  Unfortunately, to some extent.  At least as to part 1.  I wish I did more aimless moving and idle exploring. 

I don’t think I am long-winded, per part 2.  In talking, as in writing, I do always want to get things just so, and as such, unlike some people, I don’t just blurt out the first crazy thing that pops into my head.  But it’s usually worth the wait.

No comment as to part 3.

I have now encountered another one of these CSCs.  I can’t seem to get away.  What is it with these people?

But we all have our things.  For example, if I encounter an incorrect sentence, I can’t help but correct the sentence, NO MATTER WHERE I FIND IT: newspaper, library book, posted advertisement, I can’t seem to to help myself.  Not when spoken, like to a person’s face.  I hear incorrect sentences and word uses all the time.  I just bite my tongue and grit it out.  But if I see an obnoxiously mispelled word, and have a pen in my pocket (which I always do), corrections are going to be made! 

I wonder if other people are as bothered by my need for writing sentences correctly as I am by their compulsive desire to complete my spoken sentences for me.  Not that it would stop me.  I am just curious.



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