What We’re Doing in October – Blood Meridian, Chapter by Chapter


Blood Meridian, the ultimate horror novel. Sort of.

Dunces, a quick update and an invitation.

During October–or however long it takes–Dunce Two and I are going to do a chapter-by-chapter reading and discussion of Cormac McCarthy’s bloody masterpiece, Blood Meridian. We would like you to join in and read along, and contribute whatever you like.

I’ve read it 9 times. D2 has never read it. I am jealous of him. We’re each going to read a chapter at a time, and then we’ll each have our say on what we read. The book’s got about 25 chapters plus a brief epilogue, but it feels like a much longer book, so I’m not sure how long we’ll actually need. Also, life will surely get in the way at times.

It is a book that I cannot stay away from. This will be my attempt to figure out why.

You can buy Blood Meridian here and knock out the first brief chapter before October. Do it!

Dunce One

15 thoughts on “What We’re Doing in October – Blood Meridian, Chapter by Chapter

  1. What’s the format going to be? Will one of us post, and the other reply? Both co-post and then let the replies fly? Neither post other than “Chapter 1” and the let the entire thing be replies? I am excited!

    (I cheated and am 2 chapters in, with detailed notes. It is ON!)

    • Let’s do this: On Monday I’ll write a brief intro to the book, suggesting a couple of things to look for, and a couple to ignore. Then I’ll write my post about the first chapter. Then respond however you like. After that, why don’t we alternate who goes first each time?

      How are you “liking” it so far?

        • Also, sounds like a good plan for the format. And I can see how re-reading and re-re-reading could be called for. I already want to go back and re-read what I’ve already read, and I’m not even 30 pages in.

          • Yeah, one recommendation is just to go slowly. If you try to skim a sentence before realizing that the sentence might be 300 words long, you can go on or start over.

            Another is to get a dictionary, unless you know what Suzerain means the first time you see it.

          • I instantly didn’t like the post-apocalyptic element of The Road. And there were too few characters. And the writing was just so sparse, and the characters so sparse, and the landscape so sparse, and it was just so bleak. This is bleak too, but richer. And The Road came to me highly recommended, so I may have overshot my expectations. But then, it was my first exposure to McCarthy. I would maybe enjoy The Road more now, having read No Country for Old Men and now this. I get his cadence and style. I get that you have to fill in the blanks for yourself. I get that there is as much in what he is not writing as there is in what he is. I am older now. And maybe I am just in the mood for despair and violence.

  2. Awesome idea. Finally finished, if you have the patience to use our search and find all the chapters. Many chapters have more than one review, so bonus. Check it out!

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