The Happy List

(or, “things I want to do before I cry”).

Someone asked me recently if I had anything I was looking forward to.  And I was stumped.  And that is not like me, and it is certainly not good.  Not much of one for lists, this isn’t really my style, but feeling like you don’t have anything to look forward to is no way to live either.  So I made a list.  And here it is (in part):

(1)  Soccer tonight

(2) Christmas

(3)  Halloween

(4)  Snow

(5)  Attempting some version of the Inman Mile Challenge again soon

(6)  Going on a date (I don’t know when or what)

(7)  Going on vacation (don’t know when or what or how)

(8)  Books coming in the mail

(9)  Reading the great books I have already (especially Blood Meridian) (YAY!)

(10)  Playing football tomorrow morning

(11)  Going out to dinner tonight, maybe to Chili’s

(12)  Writing

(13)  Dunce One coming to Kansas in February (insanity will ensue)

(14)  Seeing other friends

(15)  Making new friends

(16) Getting back into MMA training so I can punch new friends in the face

(17)  Spending time settling into the new house

(18)  Going to the movies (don’t know when or what movie, but I love the feeling of sitting in the darkening theater and watching the previews, hearing the surround sound, anticipating the movie, and (occasionally) throwing Gummie Bears at the screen)

(19)  Getting a motorcycle

(20)  Other things

You see, it’s not so bad.  Bad things we are for forced to reckon with; good things we just forget sometimes.  Or at least I do.  Sometimes you just need to remind yourself.

Am I missing anything (not too scandalous to include on a public list)?  What’s on your lists?

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