Smashwords – My New Favorite Unintentionally Hilarious Site

Please go take a look at this offering from Smashwords and report back.

Last night I got an email “alerting” me to an exciting new ebook being offered on Smashwords, a site I had never heard of. The idea is fine: ebooks can be published and read by anyone on the site.

So what happens when publishing becomes easier? You run into some things that might not have otherwise seen any light, and many/most of those things are hilariously bad.

Some of the authors seem to know this. Many of the books look fairly tongue-in-cheek. Not all.

Last night I spent over an hour just scrolling through romances and mysteries and fantasy ebooks and laughing at the descriptions. A very good time.

Ten years ago, I would have seen this site and would have filled it up with my own writing. And it would have been awful.



3 thoughts on “Smashwords – My New Favorite Unintentionally Hilarious Site

  1. I went there.

    It was…something.

    My favorite part was how the “Ebook Short Description” differed from the “Extended Description” by exactly one medium-length sentence.

    I also liked how both descriptions referred to the story as “def[ying] description” and “indescribable.” And yet they still attempted to describe it. How bold!

    Does indescribable mean good? Necessarily? I can imagine describing a book as “so good my explanation couldn’t do it justice.” But defying description does not seem like a necessarily positive thing.

    Also, who wrote the “Descriptions,” both the “Short” and the slightly less short? Because if the book reads no better than its indescribable descriptions, I’m afraid I’m not interested.

    I looked to the author’s profile, and he claims to have written for reputable sources, including The New Yorker. A “professional writer and editor.” I wonder. I’m not doubting that that is true in some form or fashion, but I wonder if even the writers themselves put forth their best efforts in this ebook format.

    I want to publish a book more than just about anything. But the thought of putting in all those hours and months and years of work to (maybe) sell 3 copies for 99 cents a pop on a site like this makes me ill. It’s not about the money, but it’s got to be about more than that.

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