Abduction: Movie Review

This weekend I saw Taylor Lautner in Abduction.  From what I could gather over the din of giggling teenage girls filling the theater, it was okay.  I’m not sure what the title had to do with anything, and you had to suspend reality just a little bit harder than for other films of the action/spy genre, but it was entertaining and action-packed, and by golly, Lautner looks good with his shirt off (which probably does something different for me than the swooning pubescents I was surrounded by, but I give credit where credit is due).  Yes, he’s come a long way from the Shark Boy and Lava Girl days, and I hope he can break out of the Twilight mold.  Not that that hasn’t been a good gig for him economically, I’m sure, but being associated with the least tough vampires ever written has probably wrought havoc on his street cred.  I like the kid, and I wish him well.  Check out the film if you’re in the mood for mindless fun and a chiseled six pack!

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