Bill Cunningham New York (Let’s take a brief break from Blood Meridian)


Bill Cunningham New York - it will make you smile

I’ve got the antidote for the first five chapters of Blood Meridian, and it’s available on Netflix streaming. Bill Cunningham New York, possibly the most charming, cheerful documentary I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

It made me happy. I can’t say it any better than that.

Bill Cunningham has basically spent his entire life (he turns 80 during the film) bicycling (around Manhattan, taking pictures of what people are wearing. He works for the New York Times, but you get the sense that he’d be doing the same thing even if he wasn’t getting paid to do it).

He lives a very simple life in a very complicated city. His apartment is beyond tiny. He doesn’t have a bathroom, kitchen, or a shower; he uses public facilities and eats out.

He loves what he does. He laughs easily, often, and with a sincerity and warmth that must feel very nice to experience. I’m not a downer or a pessimist, but I’m no Bill Cunningham either.

I won’t say more about it. I can’t imagine that anyone who watches it will feel sorry that they did so.


2 thoughts on “Bill Cunningham New York (Let’s take a brief break from Blood Meridian)

  1. I followed the brief break lead, and posted a couple of my own. But I am already hard at my review of Chapter 6, coming soon. Can’t stay away.

    I do want to see your documentary, though.

  2. This was an oddly engrossing doc. I have no real interest in fashion or fashion photography, yet I’ve watched it about three times on Netflix. His life seems so interesting and exciting – to be such a part of NYC (Manhattan)!

    And where is the chapter 12 breakdown?? My search for “Blood Meridian, Chapter 12” or “Chapter 12” or “12” led me to this . . .

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