From several of the articles I have posted, you can tell I am somewhat of a techno-phobe, and I don’t apologize for that.  Call me old-fashioned, call me just plain old, I miss the days when we weren’t all always linked in/logged on.  I don’t even like having a cell phone at all, not because I don’t want anyone to know where I am, but because I don’t want to be able to be tracked down and forced to come into work, answer a telephone survey, or leave early from some much needed and seldom realized “me time.”

And I don’t have a smart phone.  I understand how it could be very convenient and fun under certain circumstances.  The main reasons I don’t have a smart phone are (1) I don’t need one, and (2) I am cheap.  Also, I am a little bit afraid of technology.  But not for the reasons identified in an article I just read about a woman that was apparently caught cheating by her husband using the “Find My Friends” app on the iPhone 4s.

This was in New York.  She claimed to be hanging out with a girlfriend on the other side of town, but he suspected she was meeting up with this other guy.  So he texted her and she said she was with the girlfriend, when in fact his phone said that her phone said she was in this guy’s neighborhood.  There were several damning texts throughout the night complaining about how bad traffic was and how hard it was to get a taxi on the side of town she was pretending to be on.  Yikes!

As with so many internet flash-in-the-pan phenomena, this story could be a complete hoax.  But the technology is there, and that in itself is disturbing.  Not because I condone infidelity, not at all!  But I just don’t see the need for all of my acquaintances to know where, “within a few feet,” I am at any given time.  Think of the possibilities!  If you are going to the bathroom, they would probably be able to figure that out.  Christmas shopping for your wife, she knows exactly what stores you have gone to, when, and how much time you spent in each.

And sometimes we just don’t want friends, no matter how close we are, to know where we are or what we are doing.  Not because it is going to be anything horrible, but sometimes you just want to spend the night at home.  Sometimes you are going out with other friends.  Sometimes you just want to go where the night takes you, without everyone else being able to follow you and come along too.

Does this make anyone else uncomfortable?  For me, it’s not like I am doing anything wrong or trying to get away with anything.  But what about privacy?  What about freedom to choose?  I guess, like with Facebook, you choose to have the phone, you choose to have this app, you are putting it out there, and so you accept the consequences.  But I wonder if people fully realize the ramifications.  And I wonder why we feel this constant need to be connected, to be found.  Why do we want everyone to know exactly what we are doing, and where we are doing it, in real time?  I think it’s weird, and I don’t like it.

8 thoughts on “iPhone App CHEATING

  1. I’m also rockin’ a dumb phone. I have made the consious decision that I don’t need the additional distraction.

    I assume people get an inflated sense of importance with things like friend finder. After all, someone might need to find you. Funny thing is, if you truly have friends, wouldn’t they feel comfortable enough to call you? I don’t know, sometimes I feel like technology is actually getting in the way of meaningful communication instead of enhancing it.

    I guess in some ways it serves a purpose though, it sure beats the dark sunglasses, trench coat, and newspaper to hide behind while following a cheating wife.

    • I think I’ve made the same decision on some level; I am plenty distracted as it is.

      I completely agree regarding your thoughts on the “inflated sense of importance” front. It’s like those incessant Facebook status updates: “Just ran a 5k in 20 minutes, ah yeah,” “Cheerios for breakfast,” “Long line at Starbucks,” “I’m bored.” My gosh, who cares? And who do you think you are to think that I would care?

      And it’s so true, your “real” friends will know where you are because you will want them to know, and you will tell them. Those who want to be found can and will be without the help of an app.

      I could not agree more with what you said: “sometimes I feel like technology is getting in the way of meaningful communication instead of enhancing it.” You could write posts and posts on that concept alone (and I would welcome just such a guest post here, hint, hint). People don’t actually talk anymore; all communication takes place through these cryptic, non-audience-specific posts. People don’t know how to talk, touch, feel. We are all getting detached. It is weirding me out!

      I laughed out loud at the image of the trench-coated, sunglassed cuckold hiding behind the paper, though. There needs to be more of this. Technology that eliminates the possibility of observing such a phenomenon in real life should be abandoned completely!

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