Wild Target: Movie Review

A very specific sub-genre though it is, I love British spy-type comedies, of which Wild Target is the funniest, most entertaining representation I have seen in a long, long time (also, I think I may have the teeniest bit of a crush on Emily Blunt.  Teeny tiny.  Teensie (in this move particularly, she is just so adorably cute)).

The film is very funny, but not over-the-top or crude funny.  Filled with timeless humor and exceptional acting (especially for a comedy), this will be as funny 50 years from now as it is today (which is more than I can say for a lot of contemporary “comedies” out there (yes Scary Movie and American Pie pentalogies, I am talking to you)).

The timing and substance is different from much this side of the pond, which I find refreshing and fun.  I laughed out loud several times, which was much needed, and is just rare for me in a movie these days.

I don’t know how available it is, but well worth some looking around.  Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

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