If You’ve Ever Been Depressed


The Noonday Demon by Andrew Solomon

I recently took a break from Blood Meridian to read a book about the bleakest, blackest depression.

Surprisingly, it has been an absolute joy.

Read The Noonday Demon. It is one of the most beautiful, intense books I’ve ever had the pleasure to encounter.

It is heartbreaking and hopeful and the author is an absolute wizard with words.

8 thoughts on “If You’ve Ever Been Depressed

    • Couple of reasons:

      National Book Award Winner. I’m trying to read them all.

      My experiences with Tourette’s have me obsessed with neurochemistry and neuroplasticity. There’s a ton of overlapping research in depression studies and therapeutic pharmacology.

      It was recently reference in another book I was reading as a beautiful book.

  1. I will check this out for sure. The “wizard with words” makes it downright irresistible, but I am also compelled by the subject matter. I think a lot of people have demons. I’m anxious to hear what he has to say.

  2. Hi Dunci:

    I’ve suffered from depression for years and read this book several years ago. It is beautifully written and for someone who has experienced much of what he describes, it was was an affirmation and validation of much of what I’ve felt and continue to feel. I can always tell when a writer has truly suffered from depression, i.e., David Foster Wallce, even when writing fiction, because they are capable of expressing the truth of the experience in a way that someone who hasn’t experienced it never could. It makes me feel understood.

    • Thank you for that comment. I’ve never suffered from depression like the author. I was very curious to see how someone who had experienced depression would respond to Noonday Demon. I had no idea whether it would be comforting or awful.

      Glad to hear that it helps you.

  3. Wow, taking a break from Blood Meridian for something even more depressing? You are seriously deranged.

    While I’m here I have a confession to make. I wasn’t able to slow read Blood Meridian with you guys. I just couldn’t stop after each chapter and finished it several weeks ago.

    • It wasn’t more depressing, it was about depression. It was actually an exhilarating read and I am stunned at how much I enjoyed it.

      When the book deal happened, suddenly I got thrown totally off track with everything and suddenly I just didn’t have the energy to do the close reading of BM for a couple of weeks. I’m about to start again.

    • I don’t blame you, Eric. We aren’t progressing very quickly, and I too have had to fight the urge to read ahead. It’s hard to find the time to do these analytically detailed reviews. I’m going to try to keep up a better pace; we are almost halfway there. Feel free to jump back in with any insights or favorite excerpts.

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