McRib Mania!

It’s safe to say that McDonalds knows a thing or two about advertising.  And there is no better example than the McRib campaign.  Their string of frantic, “limited time only,” drop everything, act now before it’s too late advertisements have (or, I should say, had) my mouth watering.  I had missed out before; I was not going to miss out again.

So, this week, I decided that the mystery had gone on long enough.  I was going to have one of those mystical McRibs, by golly, if it was the last thing I did.


Never have my culinary expectations been so thoroughly thwarted!!!


Now, I don’t hate McDonalds generally, and I certainly don’t hate fast food.  And, in fairness, the McRib is a barbeque rib sandwich in much the same way that a McDonald’s hamburger is a real hamburger: similar in appearance and shape, and remotely similar in flavor (if you can get past the spongy, not-exactly-pure-meat consistency).  It’s like they take some mystery meat, squash it into the approximate shape of ribs, throw it on a bun, and Bob’s your uncle.  Only Bob s very much not my uncle, and I will never be indulging in a McRib again.

If you’ve never tried one, don’t let this post stop you.  But act fast; it won’t be around forever (but it will definitely be back).  But I can definitely eat just one, and could barely finish that one.  McRib is a one-and-done experience for this Dunce.

Would love to hear other peoples’ experiences…

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