Sister Wives

After I finished speaking in Austin several women came up and said, “We were talking and we wanted to know if you’d call your wife and see if we can be your sister wives and go home with you.”

This was flattering.

I called.

I asked.

My wife said no. She said they could “get away” from me in no uncertain terms. Some of the terms veered towards outright madness and vulgarity.

Any suggestions for how I can talk her into it? Also, I am writing this post to see if Janette is ever checking in on this blog. Hi Janette.

5 thoughts on “Sister Wives

  1. Maybe this could be your opening argument: “you know, if your wifely duties were spread more evenly, you’d have a lot more time for more important things, like regularly checking all of the many blogs I write.”

    (for Janette and the perhaps one and a half others of you that would ever potentially read this line of comments, I am completely kidding, both as to the implication that there is any such thing as a “wifely duty,” and that I would ever use such a term with any degree of seriousness. I further disavow any heretofore non-specifically apologized for offensive intention that has or could be derived from any or all of the above).

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