MiO not for me

"Look how cute I am."

In my perpetual quest for a healthier way to stay caffeinated, what was my delight when I came upon the futuristic and adorably-packaged Kraft MiO?  And it was…an experience.  Here are the positives and negatives:


  • Oh my gosh, check out that cute little bottle; have you ever seen anything more precious?
  • It’s not just cute, it’s portable.  Pocket, purse, you can take this thing anywhere; the epitome of on-the-go caffeine convenience.
  • No calories, no sugar.
  • No carbonation.
  • Mixes with water, so after you’re initial purchase, it’s pretty much free.


  • Because you already have your caffeine for the day, right there at your desk, you don’t get the much-needed break that running to the kitchen/soda machine/gas station provides.
  • It’s hard to feel tough squirting the contents of this cute little bottle into a nice, cold Evian.  Hardly the epitome of manliness.
  • No satisfying crack of a fresh, new can.
  • No sugar, no calories, which definitely comes through in the flavor.  As far as I can tell, no matter how much you squeeze into your bottle of water, it never tastes much better than a bottle of water with some flavoring squirted into it.  And, at least with the generic Mountain Dew flavor I tried (of course), the stuff looks very unnatural, in both color and consistency.  Kind of makes you wonder what’s in there.  I mean, if you’re looking more unnatural than actual Mountain Dew, you’ve got some serious, serious problems.
  • No carbonation = very unsatisfying.  You can’t beat the cool, biting crispness of a fresh, chilled Mountain Dew.  Ahhhh……….
  • Since you put it in water, it is essentially saving you money.  But the initial purchase is over $4.  And it says it makes 18 servings, depending on dosage.  Whatever that means.  You will probably end up buying at least one bottle of water to put it in, and all those costs up, especially if you have free soda/other caffeine options.


Undetermined.  For what it’s worth, I feel healthier drinking it.  It’s less heavy, and feels more like drinking water or a healthier sports drink.  Does not pack the kick that other caffeine options do, though, particularly energy drinks like Red Bull or Rockstar.  The flavor is not as good as soda or sports drinks.  If you’re curious, check it out.  The bottle really is precious.  But for me personally, probably a one and done experience.

6 thoughts on “MiO not for me

  1. I don’t usually drink Mountain Dew, but somehow I am craving one now.

    I had to re-read the post to find out why… “You can’t beat the cool, biting crispness of a fresh, chilled Mountain Dew. Ahhhh……….”

  2. The cute Mio thingy doesn’t impress or interest me. I’ll stick with my 8 glasses of water and zillion cups of coffee I drink a day. That’s all the liquid and caffeine I need. 😉

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