Tearing a Deck of Cards (unless you’re Dunce Two)


To my profound delight, last weekend I got to see the quite-fit and -muscular Dunce Two struggle with all of his might, trembling and sweating and moaning, to tear a deck of playing cards in half.

Then he dropped down to half the deck.

Then to about 15 cards. That he was able to do, but unfortunately for him, so was his wife.

Still, he’s smart.

I, on the other hand, am merely a brute, but I dazzled on the card tearing front.

Here’s the latest experiment from today:

Human hole punch

I’m not graceful or elegant and I’ve pretty much gone bald and not very many people enjoy my company, but I can rip the middle out of a deck of cards. Nobody can say I can’t.

If you are interested in learning how to do this (dunce two, raise your hand), let me know and I’ll get a video tutorial shot.


2 thoughts on “Tearing a Deck of Cards (unless you’re Dunce Two)

  1. What Dunce One didn’t mention is that my 6-year-old could do almost as many as I could. The chiseling in my physique is in other parts of my body. My hands, it appears, are dainty from too much paper pushing and other kid-gloved pursuits. I am a disgrace and a pansy.

    Joking aside, D1 annihilated numerous decks of cards in a truly impressive fashion. I hear he can do phone books and all manner of other awe-worthy feats as well.

    Please do post a tutorial. If I can ever find that store again, and can again interrupt the mad game of the eager customer probably still trying to get the cashier’s phone number, I could pick up a couple of decks and give it another whirl.

    Also, Dunce 1 is delightful company. Always a pleasure.

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