Stone Lifting – Prepping for Scotland Trip


I have grown increasingly bored with barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and just about anything else you might see in a box gym.

My new obsession has been finding the heaviest rocks I can and seeing what I can do with them. I’ll be headed to Scotland in 2013 on a stone lifting tour–long story, which I’ll keep you apprised of. So now I’m in training for it.

Today is my day off work. So I did what any good dunce would do–put down the books and picked up something heavy.

The stone in this video weighs just over 260. By the time I got out the camera, I was getting weaker, but I spent the morning putting this on my shoulder and then trying to press it out.

If you want a teaser about the trip I’ll be taking, this is worth a read:

And if you’re in the monkey see, monkey do crowd (D2, I’m looking at you), don’t jump in too fast with a rounded back. You can’t keep a flat back while doing this, and there are ways to lift safely with a round back–but work up to it slowly. It’s taken me quite a while to feel strong and confident and safe in this position.

4 thoughts on “Stone Lifting – Prepping for Scotland Trip

  1. I am quintessentially monkey see/monkey do, you’ve got me pegged. But I have been lifting heavy things for a couple decades now, including some stone/other heavy object lifts. Also, I know my body very well. But I will take it easy. Now to find some big rocks…

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