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It has come to my attention that men and women have very different attitudes.

About exercise.

Men like to exercise.  They get excited about exercise.  They look forward to exercise.  They need exercise.  When they are not exercising, they are thinking about exercising.  For them, exercise is fun, an excellent way to blow off steam, relax, and wind down at the end of the day.  Or at the beginning of the day.  Or right in the middle of the day.  There really is no bad time.  And they would work out every day if they could, at least once a day.  If they don’t exercise on a very regular basis, they get moody and lethargic and depressed.  Men will exercise when they are sick.  Men will exercise tired.  Men exercise even when there are about a billion other things they really should be doing instead because that is how important it is to them.  And because they exercise so much, they like variety.  Doing the same workout over and over again gets redundant; they like to mix it up, trying new exercises, new gyms, new moves.  They know that they are going to get sweaty, but they don’t mind.  That is what showers are for.  Taking a shower after exercising is almost as nice as the exercise itself.

Women, on the other hand, don’t like exercise.  They see it as a chore, something they should do, but don’t necessarily want to do.  To them, it is not a need at all.  They think of it as boring, messy, tiresome, and annoying.  As a result, they put it off, make up excuses, whine to their friends, and would basically rather be doing just about anything else.  When they do exercise, they are all about efficiency and routine.  They have a workout they like, and they will stick to it.  Maybe it’s 2 miles on a treadmill, maybe it’s 20 minutes on a stationary bike, but the goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible so that they can move on to whatever they would rather be doing (i.e. working, talking on the phone, watching paint dry, etc.).  If they could get away with it, many of them would never exercise again.


I have also noticed that, once women do exercise, find the motivation and get past the obstacles and excuses, they are always glad they did.  Because once they commit, they do have fun and feel good and enjoy themselves.

Can anyone think of any other areas where men and women have similarly divergent attitudes?  Any other area at all…?


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  1. WHOA!!! Hang on a second buddy! As a woman, I wholeheartedly disagree. But I am sure that you know there are exceptions to what you stated above. I happen to LOVE exercising! And I know a TON of women who feel the same way 🙂 The sweatier I get, the better! If I had it my way, I would get a nice, sweaty workout in 5 days a week. I aim for 4 and if I get 3, then I figure it’ll have to do. On the other hand, my husband (who is a man, by the way) is so a-typical in the area of exercise. He fits nowhere in your description of men and exercise. Kind of odd, but that’s just him. He doesn’t mind it, but he’s not a gym rat at all.

    • Are you serious? And is the unspoken implication that you do know tons and tons of women that do love to exercise? Or do you not know anyone, man or woman, that likes exercise?

      (Also, and apparently I was too subtle, but this was intended to draw an extended analogy between men’s and women’s attitudes about yes, exercise, but also something else entirely. Either I wasn’t clear (a distinct possibility), or the initial premise is not universal enough to draw the comparison. But from my admittedly limited worldview, there are glaring disparities along these lines in both categories).

      • I won’t tell you what my first thoughts were when I read this post (in which case, your observations are quite accurate. However, not enough to make one general statement) – it wasn’t too subtle. But I am a lady, therefore this is the end of my comment on THAT!

      • This makes me laugh.

        I don’t think it is a gender difference. More personality.

        Try not to be so subtle next time. Just spell it out for goodness sake.

        • Glad someone is laughing; I fear I am about to be lynched.

          As to your insights, I appreciate them, but without knowing which of my misguided premises they are aimed at, I find myself too terrified to expound, in agreement or disagreement.

          Ah, but subtlety is one of the few things I am good at. Why say something directly when you can dance around it and hint and allude? A much more effective means of communication, I find.

  2. I fear I would be placed in your Womanly category, as I dislike exercise. If you’re assumtions were all encompasing, it would seem there would be as many gyms as corner convenience stores or fast food joints.

    • It almost seems like there ARE that many where I live. Gyms, that is. I don’t know how widely used they are; and it is distinctly possible that I have projected my own perspective and biases into an unwieldy generalization here.

  3. I’m not sure it’s a gender discrepancy; whether I had dangly bits or no I think I’d probably just always be a victim of inertia. I don’t like exercise, not in the slightest. But then the FH thinks that lawn bowling is an acceptable workout and HE has dangly bits. So 50% right on generalizations? You’ve got a higher percentage than Congress anyway…

    • Well, I will confess that I have known exceptions to the initial premise. There are some lethargic dudes out there, for sure. (Have heard tell of exceptions to underlying premise, but place these in the category of mythological creatures, somewhere between unicorns and the chupacabra). Will further confess that strong feelings about underlying premise may have clouded my coherence and rationality on stated primary premise. My apologies to all offended or over-generalized.

      I recently heard poker referred to as a sport, so FH (“future hub?”) is in good company. At least he is outdoors.

      50% is better than Congress; maybe I should run for office…

      • Confusing how my comments ordered themselves when I published them. Meant that I liked D1’s comment below, very funny. Liked your response re: over-generalization. Hmmmmm….was me biting my tongue as I didn’t agree with the post’s premise but you righted that. Phew!

        I’ve read five of your posts and they are all very well written.

        • Sometimes the comments do post in weird order. It can be confusing, but also fun.

          I’m glad you’ve liked what you have read. I find your posts very entertaining!

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