Trifecta Writing Challenge

A friend of mine brought this writing challenge to my attention, and I wanted to share it with my fellow dunces.  It is called the Trifecta Writing Challenge, and this is how it works:

Every week, the Trifecta people pick a word.  With that word comes a challenge.  You have to use that word in a creative way (poem, fiction, what have you) in not less than 33, but not more than 333, words.  Here is the tricky part.  And the “trifecta” part.  You are using not just any meaning of the word, but its official third meaning in the dictionary.  Confusing?  Maybe an example will help.

This week the the word is “trail.”  The third definition, as provided by the Trifecta people is: “3:     to move, flow, or extend slowly in thin streams <smoke trailing from chimneys>”  You have to use the word in exactly that form (i.e. no “trails” or “trailing“), and with that meaning.

The contest words are posted on Mondays, and close on Thursday evening.  They also do mini-challenges over the weekend.

To participate, you draft your entry, post it to your blog, and post the link on the Trifecta home page.  Oh, and your blog post should also have a link back to the Trifecta home page.

I feel like I am butchering these instructions/directions.

For actually helpful instructions on rules and guidelines, just go to their site:

Their home page is here:

There isn’t much time left on this week’s challenge; sorry I didn’t get this up sooner.  But it should be fun, and I would encourage all of you to give it a shot.

First, second, and third place winners are chosen.  Which gets your entry posted and/or linked on their site.  Apparently you get feedback and praise and, if nothing else, exposure for your writing and/or blog.

I myself may or may not be participating going forward, but thought it would be fun.  Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Trifecta Writing Challenge

  1. Very cool. I sat down and wrote something for this. Can’t decide if it is something I want to share though. Regardless, thanks for sharing the info.

    • You should do it. If you don’t have a blog, there is a way to post anonymously or without a blog or something. I would like to see what you wrote, but also understand that certain things are too personal to share with strangers. Regardless, I’m glad you wrote something. That’s what counts.

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