Oh Huggies, I’m So ANGRY With You!!!

"Now you've gone and made Daddy MAD!!!"

Unless you live in a cave, you know that Huggies is in big, BIG trouble right now.  Why?  Because they’ve gone and created a whole ad campaign  that depicts fathers as completely incompetent when it comes to childcare and baby wrangling.  And there’s just one thing I’d really like to know… WHO CARES???

People act like this is something new.  It’s not.  What, I’m supposed to be offended?  Am I supposed to be upset by commercials that purport to put the company’s diapers to the “toughest test of all: the daddy test”?  No way!

Huggies is not the only one that thinks men have no idea what they are doing when it comes to kids, especially babies.  That’s why we laugh at Mr. Mom and Three Men and a Baby and The Pacifier and all those Dwayne Johnson (formerly known as “The Rock”) kid movies.  Because there is nothing more funny than a big burly guy fumbling and bumbling and tripping all over himself when faced with the impossible challenge of making a bottle or calming a screaming infant or, heaven forbid, yes, changing a diaper.

That What to Expect When You’re Expecting movie (the perhaps least likely book-to-film adaptation EVER), coming soon to a theater near you, I GUAR-AN-TEE there is going to be more of this look-how-irresponsible-and-dumb-dads-are-when-it-comes-to-babies stuff.  GUARANTEED!!!

I don’t think Huggies did anything wrong here.  I think they know a high percentage of their target audience is women who happen to feel that most men are EXACTLY this incompetent in their child rearing.  And men, to some extent, even play that up, for reasons I have described before.

I, for one, am not offended.  I think it’s funny.  Funny enough.  Whatever.  I can change a diaper, and feed and burp and swaddle a kid.  I am good with kids.  Great with kids.  But not all men are.  I think this ad campaign works (or worked; Huggies has since taken all the ads down and issued a formal apology, of course) because (1) there is a lot of truth in it, and (2) whether true or not, it plays into a conception (or misconception) that a lot of people, especially women, hold regarding dads and their baby-caring abilities.  And that’s how humor, which can be a big part of successful advertising, goes.  It’s funny because it’s true and/or it’s funny because a lot of people enjoy thinking it’s true.

But I think anyone offended needs to just quit crying and get over it.

8 thoughts on “Oh Huggies, I’m So ANGRY With You!!!

  1. I’m thinking that these offended dads are missing out on a great opportunity here. See, instead of being offended, they should be using it to their advantage. “Well, yes dear, I could change that dirty, stinky diaper, but you remember what happened in the Huggies commercial, right? Are you really sure you want to put our child through that?”

    Now, I’m not saying that would fly at MY house, but I’ve known a few couples where this approach might actually work out well for getting out of feeding and diaper duty.

    • Oh, guys play into this “I’m helpless when it comes to babies” thing all the time. Baby stuff is not hard; at least in the sense of being complicated. It’s not fun, and it’s exhausting, and messy, but not difficult to figure out how to do. I think the whining is the result of reverse-reverse sexism. We whine because we feel like we should whine, when in reality, who gives a crap?

    • No, DeAnne. The tone was intended to be sarcastic (though it was on a couple different sites for a couple of days, including if you link to the “ad campaign” link in the article above).

      I’m surprised you don’t have anything else to say; usually it seems like you would weigh in on an issue like this. Is it because you, too, think men are incompetent? For shame!

  2. No, I really do live in a cave. It’s dark, cold and smelly in here! Actually, we don’t have TV so I don’t see a lot of commercials. The only TV I get is at the gym for a few minutes here and there. Or whatever I watch online, which isn’t much.

    I do not think men are incompetent when it comes to childcare. Except for in the case of my husband trying to style our little girls’ hair. Different story, I guess. I know lots of very, very competent Dad’s. I have also known (not very well) a few turds who do almost nothing to help in the caring and tending to of their own children. I don’t think it’s about competency, it’s about attitude. Attitude and opportunity. Heck, even women have to learn how to do it all. We aren’t born loving to change diapers. There were numerous occasions when I was a young girl babysitting and I could not handle poopy diapers. I would gag uncontrollably. Women, mostly have had a lot more exposure because we babysit and are usually home with the kids more then the Dad’s are.

  3. A LITERAL cave? Awesome!

    Do you seriously not have a TV? Like you don’t have cable, or are we talking no actual TV? Either way, that’s awesome, and I swear to you, I am jealous. We have a TV and cable, and I watch it, but I hate it. If it wasn’t there, I wouldn’t watch it (obviously), but since it is, I do, much to the waste of my time and squandering of what’s left of my IQ. I would rather read, exercise, talk, do just about anything. But it is seductive and lazy and mindless, and it happens.

    I didn’t see the commercial on TV, it was online.

    Doing hair requires some skill and know-how, I will give that to you. That doesn’t fall, in my mind, in the tedious but mindless realm of things (feeding, changing, burping, cleaning up after, etc.). But those other things, anyone can do, it’s just a question of whether they are willing to do it.

    I hate those non-helpers. I would like to ask all of them to step outside. To any of them reading this I say “any time!” And I’m not kidding. Look me up.

    It is totally about attitude. I did a lot of babysitting myself growing up. There is a little bit of a learning curve, but anyone willing to try can pick it up, man or woman. Kids are great. Hard and stressful and exhausting, but great. We were all kids once too, and someone took care of us. The least we can do is return the favor, or pay it forward. It’s not their fault their diapers stink.

  4. No, we do have a TV, but no cable, no satellite, zip! I’ll be honest, there are a lot of days when I miss being able to veg out in front of some food network or HGTV at the end of day. Still, I can’t bring myself to get it again right now. We’re in “get out of debt” mode and it was just one thing that HAD to go. It’s been nearly 3 years and we are both surviving just fine. You can find plenty of shows to watch online, which is what we do.

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