"The camera LOVES you!"

Walking across a college campus recently, I happened upon the following advertisement, black and white, on a piece of Xerox paper.  I present it here, as seen, unedited, with only a portion of the e-mail address redacted.  And, of course, I wish I was exaggerating or kidding; but assure you that I am not. 


——————-Need all types—————–

Ladies, if you want to make serious money for not a lot of work, email me.

Amateur photgrapher looking for amateurs to model in order to help fill out my portfolio.  Absolutely no experience is necessary.  I am not just looking for 5’11”, 115 lb girls either.  All types welcome.  I am just getting started in the photography business.

Compensation: $50+per day for 3 or so hours each day, depending on the type of shoot.  I am mainly looking to shoot outdoor scenes, but some indoor may be worked in also.

You will need to be “shoot ready”, meaning you will need to do your own hair and makeup, as well as provide your several outfits (jeans, casual dresses, swimsuit, lingerie.  Email me for details.

Under no circumstances will any of these shots be posted on the internet.

This shoot will be primarily a learning shoot on my part, so if you are looking to build a portfolio also, need some extra cash, or want to make some SERIOUS money, email me at _________photo@hotmail.com with a recent photo for more information.  I hope to hear from you soon.

Isn’t that something?  Sort of perverse in its genius, and genius in its perversity.  The “hotmail” e-mail address is how you know it’s going to be super classy and professional.  And the fact that he is calling you “ladies” lets you know that he’s a gentleman.  I was tempted to contact the guy and see if I could set something up.  You KNOW it!


  1. “Under no circumstances will any of these shots be posted on the internet.”

    Really? I picture this: our friend the photographer takes a great photo of one of his “ladies”, then decides to show it to his roommate, who is likely even more of a pervert/sleaze, and said roommate decides that it would be fun to copy and post it to whatever social networking site he chooses to use, fishing for comments from his other perverted/sleazy friends. Those friends share with their friends, and on and on it goes. And really, this is the least harmful of all possible scenarios. Ick.

    • Oh, perversion is at play for sure here. For sure. And if he was really “just getting started in the photography business,” and really just looking for experience, and really just looking to build his portfolio, then why is he ONLY looking for ladies?

      Like you, I found the fact that he felt compelled to say that he was NOT going put these photos on the internet to be a pretty solid indicator that this is PRECISELY where these photos are going to end up, one way or another.

      Really, too many things wrong to get into all of them in any kind of real detail. A despicable human being, no doubt.

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