45 thoughts on “Lost?

      • I had a similar experience, at 14.

        My mom also got a kick out of embarrassing me at the grocery store. One particular event has scarred me for life, but that’s another long story.

          • My long stories don’t really belong in your blog comments, but hey, maybe sometime I’ll tell you all about my embarrassing and life-scarring experience. (okay, it’s really not quite as dramatic and entertaining as it sounds, either.)

  1. hahaha – before we became a cell phone carrying family I would embarrass both grown daughters, sons-in-law . . . AND Hubbymoose. 🙂 Just because I could.

    • Smile AND laugh? Awesome, man. Thanks! Your entry was/is money! Been there (maybe/probably not with who you are talking about specifically, but I am sure a LOT of people can relate, fo’ shizzle). The initiated/uninitiated idea is really good. I’d love to see that played out in a longer piece.

  2. Thank you for linking up this weekend. I liked the way you jumped right into this piece. You didn’t waste a word. Poor kid. I used to do that to my brothers, just for fun. I wonder if cell phones have made this obsolete now? Anyway, this is good fun. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Fran. I try to have a lot of fun in the comments, in all my posts. Sometimes that’s where the real fun happens; the posts are just an excuse to get there.

    • I’m so glad! Who couldn’t use a good chuckle first thing on a Monday morning?

      (P.S. Stream of consciousness is my favorite form of writing; you shouldn’t limit yourself to Sundays).

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