Waterproof Books

Now that's what I'm talking about!

While watching one of those “invention shows” a few months back, I thought to myself: “you know what would make a great invention?  A waterproof book.”  I wasn’t entirely serious (although they would be great).  Now it looks like somebody beat me to it.  Kind of.

I guess Apple had some expo, and they revealed a waterproof Ipad.  Which can do the Kindle app.  Therefore, waterproof books.  Again, kind of.  I did some more research, and there are already waterproof or waterproofing covers for iphones, also with Kindle app capabilities, so I guess the “waterproof book” idea was already out there.

But are other people using this to read?  Books, I mean.  When and where are they using it?  What are they using it for really?  No, really?

The reason I wanted waterproof books was to read them in the shower (which I have never done, but have been tempted).  But the reality is, probably just about the last thing I need is something that is going to cause me to spend yet more time in the shower.  I have been accused of taking “the world’s longest showers.”  I don’t know about that.  I don’t think I spend any more time than anyone else doing actual shower things, like washing my hair etc.  The first 70-80% of my shower time I’m not doing anything other than desperately trying to regain consciousness.

I have read in the bath tub before.  But I was always too paranoid that I would drop my book in the suds or touch a page with a dripping finger to really relax and enjoy it.

This is one of those ideas where you’re like “man, I wish I would have thought of that,” only here, I actually did think of that.  Do I feel like Apple has robbed me of millions?  Not really.  My inventing/creating processes never got much past a “book in a Ziploc bag” prototype stage.  I guess you could laminate every single page of a book, but that would be a burden on book manufacturers, and probably cost prohibitive.

And, like pro-Kindle arguments generally, there is higher cost up front, but once you buy the waterproof electronic device initially, you can then acquire, essentially, countless waterproof books.  The chances of Apple hiring me as one of their idea guys any time soon = NOT GOOD.

I would, still, be interested in some waterproof notebooks.  For myself.  Do those exist?  Or waterproof paper?  I do get some of my best ideas in damp places; this would really help me out.

It feels like I’ve seen scuba divers or other outdoor people with waterproof field books or note pads.  Maybe I should talk to them.

I’m sure all i-pad/pod/phones will eventually be waterproof.  There are probably some scientists in a lab working on creating waterproof laptops right now.  My concern there is that this technology is not going to be used to read, as I intended, but to consume yet more mindless junk.  The thought of people in the shower with internet access and a waterproof laptop is actually kind of terrifying.  Water bills through the roof!

When is it ever going to stop?  Is there such a thing as too much technology?

5 thoughts on “Waterproof Books

  1. Hello, my name is Karla. We are beginning a project in school and we have to improve an engineering idea. The teacher approved our idea but we were trying to research if they do exist. I believe Apple did not steal you millions. They waterproofed digital, technological items. You are waterproofing books, or paper. I believe there will come a time when technology is just way too much. BUT we humans still need technology to help injured people, help disabled patients, and help most of our everyday tasks. Scientists are making stupid technology now-a-days but books that waterproof and just sit at the beach, be in the bath, or just shower with a book, now THAT is something to improve.

    • I really do think it’s a fabulous idea. A book, and actual book, that you could read at the beach, in the tub, in the shower, in a rainstorm, without any concern for it getting ruined. I think it would be fabulous. If you end up doing the project, I’d love to see your results. And yes, I think scientists should worry much less about fancy ideas for rich people that will make them yet more money, and more on ideas that would help those in need and make the world a truly better place. Best of luck with your project!

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