32 thoughts on “Fairytale Noir

    • Thanks! 33 words is a tough limit for me. They say “less is more,” but I am still in the process of trying to convince myself that they are right. I do like that with shorter entries it is easier for lots of people to participate and to read their entries and see their ideas (I’m sure this comment is more than 33 words; see, I have a problem).

      • I find it a challenging limit as well. I struggled with my entry for this weekend. It’s not the greatest, but was still fun to write. I don’t think you have to convince yourself…less can be more in some situations, and not enough in others. I like these shorter ones because they take less time for me to write. I had to get it done today so that I wouldn’t miss the deadline like I did for the weekday challenge. Life just got a little too busy.

    • It was a good and fun challenge too. Makes you make the most of what you have to work with, and creates a different feel. Some things may even work better in the short format. It’s fun, either way, though. Thanks.

      • I do have those slow motion dreams a lot! Hate them. Showers? Modern day glass shower doors don’t have the same effect as non-see-thru curtains. Creepy because people are naked and hidden behind something? I’m not good with horror, but my mind first went to the woods (couldn’t write anything I liked) and then to the shower. =)

        • I think you’re right re: showers. You feel vulnerable (because naked) and the sound of the shower drowns out a lot of outside noise. There’s no telling what is going on out there. Horror movies have picked up on that, only making it worse.

          Yours was good, like I said. Maybe you’re better with horror than you give yourself credit for.

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