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[Have you ever dreamed about having a choice encounter with a true stranger and experiencing real romance, even if only briefly?  Well, as threatened/promised in my ramblings regarding the first movie, here are my equally random (but I think intriguing and kind of fun) thoughts/notes on the second movie, Before Sunrise (which is actually the first movie, but I saw the second first, and so should you).  These really were both very romantic and gorgeous and delightful films.  My notes will make more sense once you have watched, but might be fun anyway.  Here you go…]


Conversion of fanciful ambition into practical, money-making ventures.

Could never get very excited about other people’s ambitions for my life.

childhood- magical time

How ambiguous everything is, even death.

first_____ feelings conversation

“He was so fine.”

Hate being told by strange man on the street to smile.

Media controlling our minds.

Reincarnation- did you tell me, or is it in the first movie?

Music store- music used to matter, now something I do only now and again, no big deal.

If family/friends don’t know you’re dead, it’s like you’re not really dead, they invent the best for you.

***Kissing scene- Ferris wheel- PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every generation fights

Happy couples lie to each other

Grandma- spent whole life dreaming about another man she was in love with

-but it was her destiny

Old age- tedious collection of hours

My life is just memories, old man lying down to die.

Him, always 13 years old

Quakers- staring at each other for hours

“Temporarily decorating canvas.”

General of army when dates someone- looking for weaknesses- organizing strategy

“If we knew each other longer, what’s the first thing about me that would drive you crazy?”

Girl he dated always asked what she did that bugged him; all she wanted was an excuse to tell him what bugged her about him.

Technology saves time?  No, just creates more busywork.

LOVE = Escape for 2 people that don’t know how to be alone

Love is selfish

Worst part about being broken up with someone is realization of how little they think about you.

Like idea of dancing as social occurrence.

Loving someone, and being loved, so important to me.

Fatherhood- ruin my whole life

Rather die knowing excelled at something than just  being in a caring relationship.

Old man- life for no one and nothing

* “If there is any kind of magic in this world, it must be in the attempt of understanding someone/sharing something.”

“The answer must be in the attempt.”


“Fell for him, the idea of this little boy w/ all these beautiful dreams…”

“Like to feel his eyes on me.”

“He kind of kisses like adolescent.”

“As night goes on, I like him more and more.”

“You know me, most harmless person.”

“The only person that I am scared of hurting is myself.”

Feel like in dream world

Feel like our time is just hours.

Just for us

Why are relationships supposed to last forever?

Depressing NOW

-In the park-

Knew they were special moments, but knew something wrong, wished I was with someone else.

But I am glad I’m with you.

(Usually myself I wish I could get away from).

People hate themselves because sick of themselves.

“But with her, feels new.”

Back in real time

Dylan Thomas poem

“Let not time deceive you…”

–  Really fall in love when you really know someone.

That last kiss was amazing: so desperate, so passionate.

> Love the camera going backwards through everywhere they had been.

– glasses, empty bottle in park.

– riding away in opposite directions…

Looking back on my own life, there have not been nearly enough nights alone in a park in Vienna with a beautiful stranger.  [SIGH…]


19 thoughts on “Before Sunrise- Movie Notes

  1. It has been pointed out to me that this movie is “like 15 years old,” the implication being that it is not worth reviewing. To which I respond that it was one of the best, most romantic movies I have seen EVER, especially including anything I have seen recently, and if you think you know of a better, more romantic movie made in the last five years, I invite your movie to step into the ring with this movie for a no-holds-barred battle to the death!

    • Oh man, look at my words being thrown in my face/screen! The argument is not that a 15 year old film is not worth reviewing, but that the urgency of reviewing a 15 year old film is perhaps less critical than one genius’s musings on a city street!

      And, PS: man up! (but I cried when I watch it too…)

    • I say that only because that’s how I did it, quite by accident. But I loved the experience. You see the second one (the one I saw first), and you are instantly drawn into the chemistry and there is clearly this history there and connection and back story. And you want to know what that is. You want more. But you are so enjoying the present that you don’t want to go back, you want to see how they feel now, and what they have now. Oh, it is delightful! Loved every second of the second one.

      Then went back and saw the first one. And it’s like “oh, so that’s what they were talking about; that’s what they were referring to.” In my mind, I filled in a lot of the blanks as I watched the second (i.e. for me first one), and some of what I filled in was right, and some was wrong. But both were fun.

      You could watch and enjoy both experiences, in any order. They are both whole and lovely films in their own right. The first is sort of youthful and sweet. The second slightly older, more nostalgic. I think you would love them both, and trust you to make the right decision regarding order based on the information here provided.


  2. I’m writing this away from D.A. so I don’t cheat and look at Dunce Two’s stuff.

    At the beginning, when Jesse’s first sees Celine…you can really feel this! I was drawn to this private world of theirs and slightly disappointed when they didn’t jump right into the meat of things (just me wanting to get to the good part). I suppose it would be reality.

    For me, it began when she said, “If today were our last day, what would we talk about?” Things started going the way I wanted with the conversation on the bench about the questionnaire. I loved the way he looked at her then scooted closer. Would you just kiss, please?

    The message I got from her was the desire to truly communicate and connect with a person as well as being obsessed with the little things of knowing someone (girl after my heart). She felt that you only connect a few times in life and I don’t believe that to be true. Oh, and by the way, we girls don’t forget if we’ve slept with you.

    BTW, just loved the top she was wearing!

    My eyes welled up during the whole time they talked at the back of the boat. “Our lives might have been so much different.” I loved the raw emotions of the whole limo ride and that they just wanted to touch each other. I wanted and waited for a really goooood hug or something.

    And my heart broke when he said, “If someone were to touch me I’d dissolve into molecules.”

    I cried when she played her waltz for him. Miss that plane; miss that plane!

    Really, really enjoyed this and now I’m downloading “Before Sunrise”.

    • You can feel it, can’t you? I, too, was a little disappointed at first. But I also kind of relished the anticipation. And it was all worth it.

      Her question was the perfect beginning (I know, I wanted them to kiss too; beautiful, passionate, “realistic” kissing scenes are the very best thing there is!!!)

      She was a girl after my heart too. I found her (not just her looks, though she is quite pretty, but her attitude and thoughts and voice) all very beguiling.

      Sadly, I don’t know if I can agree with you on the number of connections. True connections, real, deep, soulful communication? A small handful in a lifetime, I’m afraid. But would love to be proven wrong.

      Do you think he misses the plane?

      Couldn’t everyone’s life have been so different?

      I could relate so much to this movie. It was hard at times to know what was external to me and what was the visualizations of my own thoughts/imaginations.

      I’m so glad you liked it. I loved everything about this movie!

  3. I loved that he was so distracted when he saw her.

    Re: connections, I was speaking of true connecting even with girlfriends, not just of the opposite sex. True, real, deep, soulful communications…I’d need a finger or two on the other hand but that includes women as well (I’ve lived a bit longer than you). I think they continue to happen over the course of our lives…at least I hope so.

    He absolutely misses that plane and I don’t plan on changing that imagery in my mind. He wasn’t going anywhere…he was firmly planted on that couch!

    Yes, everyone’s life could be different. Would/do we want it to be? I don’t know. Depends on the forks we choose in the road and there are a lot of those!

    The thing I loved best was that it was just the two of them, in their own world. I love a little bubble like! I’m just disappointed that they didn’t kiss! Bummed me out!

    • Me too!

      I hope they do. Continue. I haven’t given up hope yet.

      Oh, you know he misses that plane! I don’t know if he (they?) stays on the couch, but NOTHING could drag him out of that apartment.

      I don’t know.

      I love that too. The bubble. Yes, we didn’t see them kiss, but you KNOW they did. Use your imagination…

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