A Dirty Job, by Christopher Moore- Book Review

Everything I was reading was feeling the same.  Sounding the same.  And (I feared) making me WAY TOO serious.  Wanting a purely fantastic, purely fictional escape, I asked a friend what she would do.  And she suggested A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore.

To her credit, yeah, it was definitely unlike anything I had ever seen before.  Has anyone ever read any Moore?  Heard of him?  I feel very confident in saying that Christopher Moore is one weird dude.  And this book is creepy strange.  But you know what?  He went places I didn’t know a mind could go.  Wrote things I didn’t know you could write.  And though I am not sure what saying this says about me, I’m just going to put myself out there and say “yeah, I kind of liked it.”

A Dirty Job is one of the DARKEST comedies ever written.  Ever.  I don’t think I could explain it without sounding like I am on drugs myself, but there is “dark” like jokes about death, and then there is “dark” like Death is telling the jokes.  This falls in the latter category.  It reminded me a little bit of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, only more modern, and definitely darker.  Definitely!!!

Some of the funkiest, most unique characters you have ever read emerge from the pages.  A Beta male that owns a second-hand store and fights the dark forces of the underworld with a sword cane, all while single-handedly raising a baby, teaching himself ebonics, and looking for love.  A dapper-dressed 7-foot-tall dude named Minty Fresh.  A HIGHLY carnivorous, but helpful and nurturing, Asian neighbor.  A whole host of miniature creatures in period costume in various stages of undeath and dismemberment.  Yeah, it’s all there.

The story takes place in San Francisco, giving me again the impression that people from San Francisco have their own unique definition of “funky.”

Would I read anything else by Moore?  That depends.  Is it all like this?  If so, I would, but I would have to gear up for it.  Not that I didn’t like it.  But I just don’t know if you want your mind staying that far out there for too long.  If death and dark stuff and Eastern religion-stuff and talking things and the concept of what happens to souls after their body dies freaks you out, then you might want to skip this one.  But if you, too, are stuck in a rut, and feel like you want something completely different, then this is definitely that.

Check it out!

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