How to Publish a Book or Short Story on Kindle

I’ve been yammering at Dunce Two to publish something for about ten years.Those of you who read the blog think he’s a good writer–and he’s much better than you know.

Which is why today I’m going to outline the steps to publish a book or short story on the Kindle: because I did it recently and I want him to do it as well.

I’ve been sitting on a few short stories for a couple of years and decided I wanted to put them in the marketplace and see what happened. Here’s how:

1. Write the book or story

2. Sign up for Kindle Direct Publishing

3. Add your title (your document)

You choose a name for the book, write a description, add tags and categories, upload a cover if you have one/want one, add an ISBN (optional) if you’ve got one, and then upload your story.

4. Preview

You have the option to preview how it will look on the Kindle. Do this. The formatting might not be what you’re expecting. Most of the small tweaks are obvious and easy to handle.

5. Set your price

Yesterday I published the short story Under The Creek. It’s part of a loosely-connected collection of horror stories that all get filed under the title: Stories From a Bad Town. I set the price at $2.99 because that was as low as I could price it. There is a membership package where you can offer things for free for promotional purposes–I’m not going to do that. This is just an experiment.

So, you pick your price.

6. Wait about 12 hours

After uploading, your story will be “in review.” Then the status changes to “publishing.” Then it changes to “live” when someone can actually buy it.

It’s really that easy

There is  a little more to it, but not much. It took me about 30 minutes to get everything formatted and uploaded.

Pretty amazing, really. A few button clicks and suddenly just about anyone in the world can find your book if they’re online. Of course, there’s competition, but your story is now out there. You don’t need a gatekeeper to tell you it’s good enough, or that it’s too horrible for consideration.

So many of the barriers to writers have fallen. There’s never been a more exciting time to be writing.

Of course, the better you are at writing, the more chances you’ll have to sell. Take the time necessary to craft something you’re proud of. Have peers that you trust–other writers, ideally–critique it for you. Rework it, then rework it again. Then put it out there and start writing something new.

Dunce Two, I hope this has been edifying for you. See that you mend your shabby ways and get to work uploading that mountain of pages I know you’re sitting on.

And for anyone who wants to check out Under The Creek, you can read it here.

Questions? Anything unclear? Let’s talk.

6 thoughts on “How to Publish a Book or Short Story on Kindle

  1. This does all sound very interesting, and I am (in fact) sitting on some pages. I am intrigued and tempted. Dunce TWO WILL BE publishing something here shortly.

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