Day Self vs. Night Self

"Have you ever noticed..."

One of my favorite things about my new(ish) city is the radio station 102.5 FM “24/7 Comedy Radio.”  As its name would suggest, it really is comedy, like stand-up comedy, almost all the time, with very little commercial interruption (which is a refreshing reprieve from every other radio station, which seem to be nothing but 75% obnoxious commercials, 5% crude and obnoxious talk, and 20% the same three annoying songs played in a constant loop).

One of my favorite comedians of all time is Jerry Seinfeld.  I LOVED his show, but his stand-up is really quite good too.  I have caught bits and pieces of his act on 102.5, and it is great.  One bit in particular spoke to me here recently, and I could really, really relate (as I think is true of all really good/funny comedy, it speaks to something we all experience/can identify with, only it articulates it in a way that we couldn’t quite have come up with on our own).

All of the above being basically just a long(ish) lead-in to the concept that I have been experiencing very poignantly lately, but Jerry articulated with hilarity and eloquence: the “day self” versus the “night self.”

Jerry starts by talking about the “night self.”  He knows his “day self” has to get up in the morning, and has things to do, and is going to be cranky if he doesn’t get enough sleep.  But he doesn’t care, because he is the “night self.”  The night self is having fun, and doesn’t see the harm in one more drink, one more dance, one more show on television, one more chapter in the book he’s reading, 30 more minutes on the phone, 30 more minutes of conversation.  What does he care?

Oh, but the “day self” cares.  Because the “day self” has things to do, and needs his rest.  When that alarm clock goes off, he is angry with the “night self” for ruining his life, making him exhausted and miserable.  He’d really like to give the happy-go-lucky night self a piece of his mind.

Of course Jerry’s timing and delivery is much more hilarious than the above portrayal.  I guess I won’t be quitting my day job for the stand-up comedy circuit.

But I do have a “night self” and he tortures my “day self.”  They have been really going at it lately.  Every morning I wake up feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck.  And I want to go find my night self and punch him in the face.  But then, by the night time, when work is done and kids are down and I finally have some time to myself, to do what I want, though tired, I just can’t seem to go down.  Because the “night self” has taken over, and he doesn’t give a crap about how tired the day self is going to be in the morning.  It’s a vicious cycle, but the night self is forever winning.  I guess that’s the way it goes.

4 thoughts on “Day Self vs. Night Self

    • It’s so awesome! I wish you did too.

      I think there are day people and night people (or so I’ve heard). Actually, morning people scare me. Long live the night selves!

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