BAWLS Energy Drink: Tastes as Good as it Sounds!

Funny name, pretty much downhill from there.

I’m always looking for the next big thing in new energy drinks.  Unfortunately, I don’t think BAWLS is it (I don’t know which is more funny/less appealing: applying its actual meaning, or sounding the name out phonetically).

Define “bawls” –

1.  to cry out loudly and unrestrainedly;

2. to cry loudly; wail

Use it out loud in a sentence: “Hey, let’s go drink some BAWLS.”
Basically, no matter how you slice it, not the energizing motivator I look for in my high caffeine beverage.
I don’t foresee this bad boy making any “best energy drinks” list anytime soon.  I know there is a lot of competition in this still emerging energy drink market (companies like Red Bull and 5 hour energy make bookoo bucks!).  It costs a lot less than Monster or NOS, so it could maybe win the “cheap energy drinks” category.  Maybe.  But taste-wise, I’d rather drink just about anything else.
Anyone else tried it?

6 thoughts on “BAWLS Energy Drink: Tastes as Good as it Sounds!

  1. I can’t believe more people don’t comment on this funny stuff you write. I am just shaking my head and laughing. Thanks for that, although maybe I just amused much too easily.

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