Third Wheel

Michael: “Can’t believe Brenda finally agreed to go out with me.  A little weird she invited that girl from across the hall along, but she’s cute too.  Two hot girls, all for me.  AWESOME!”

Shannon: “This is so weird.  Brenda is nice and everything, but this feels like a date.  Why would she invite me along on a date?  And why is she looking at me like that?”

Brenda: “Ugh!  Can’t believe I finally gave in.  Michael’s persistent, I’ll give him that.  Thank goodness Shannon came home when she did.  I never realized how pretty she is.  Wonder what she’s doing later…”

21 thoughts on “Third Wheel

  1. Thanks for linking up to Trifextra this weekend. I love your three different characters, all wondering about each other’s intents. Nicely done. Poor Michael. I think. Unless there’s a sequel out there somewhere.

  2. Nice twist. I think the key with these varied perspectives lies in the assumption factor. Those that resonate a good conflict upcoming, are also high on the assumption list.

  3. Haha! I kind of lived under a rock as a teen and young adult, and as a result, my first actual date happened when I was 22. I had no idea what to do on a DATE, yet I asked HIM out. I totally dragged a friend along, and she was amazing enough to ‘ditch’ us in the middle.

    • It’s all good. I didn’t do a lot of traditional dating myself. It sounds like your friend was a great wing-woman. I’m sure there were times where I could have used one of those.

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