Things to do in Spokane?

I’m going up to the Spokane area to speak over the next couple of days. Dunce Two, I’m looking at you first, then everyone else:

What are some good/fun/scandalous things to do up in Spokane? When I lived there, all too briefly, I didn’t see much outside of a bizarre house in the woods. D2, do you remember?

That was where I first heard the term, “The horizontal hum-bum.”

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  1. Where will you be? Downtown? The Spokane river runs right through downtown, and has a waterfall right in the center of Riverfront Park. These falls are very impressive this time of year with the spring runoff in full effect. You can also take a “skyride” over the falls:
    Super fun!

    Other attractions down there include a merry-go-round where you get to try to grab plastic rings and throw them in an insane clown’s mouth, an oversized wagon with a built-in slide that even you could probably fit in, and if you look hard enough, there is a mechanical trash-eating goat hidden somewhere deep in the park (I am dead serious; you can’t make this stuff up).

    One of my other favorite places, if you had time and a car, is a little bit further out on the Spokane River, a place called the Bowl and Pitcher. Huge boulders surround a particularly picturesque portion of the river, and it is really quite lovely.

    For food, you have to eat at The Onion. They have a location downtown and one further north. Good food, good times.

    As far as scandal, there is rumored to be a club called The Spearmint Rhino that Spokanians rave about. If you end up going, I’m told you are supposed to bring a lot of cash, all in small bills. I don’t know why that would be. Maybe it doubles as a laundromat, or has video games or something.

    There is a movie theater and I believe a bookstore downtown. They have a pretty cool downtown library. On weekend nights, the cool kids cruise Main Street and bump rap music and try to get into fights. So there is always that.

    Or you could go searching for that bizarre fairytale house in the woods. Horizontal hum-bum indeed!

  2. Are you talking family-fun type entertainment, or strictly of the weird entertainment variety?

    The Onion is definitely a must-eat-at, as well as The Mustard Seed. Luna is fantastic, Lindaman’s has nanaimo bars to die for. If you want a nice night out with the Spouse, or even just to treat yourself, try Clinkerdagger’s. Great view of the falls and excellent cuisine.

    Shops you might like include Auntie’s Bookstore, located in a wicked cool building downtown and delightfully independent with knowledgeable staff and good prices. They also offer a good used book selection. There’s also Boo Radley’s, which is kind of a vintage nostalgia toy store place. It’s just fun to go see.

    I agree, Riverside Park is always entertaining. Guaranteed fun people-watching, too, and there is an IMAX theater there (my cousin runs it).

    Oh, you could also eat at the Milk Bottle Cafe, they have ice cream and such and were featured in the movie Benny & Joon. So you could get your Johnny Depp-ness on.

    There are some good theaters, if the Fox is still open it’s a funky old-time movie theater that does shows and sometimes concerts. Check the Opera House to see if anything is playing while you are there. You can also hit some of the Chinese restaurants along Division and do late-night karaoke with a bunch of drunken eejits, if you’re so inclined.

    It will be cold in April. Just remember that.

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