Dunce Emergency!!!

Calling all Dunces!  Disaster has struck!  We need your help!!!

Okay, enough with the melodrama.  As you may or (frankly) may not know, we have been offline for a few days.  We didn’t know why.  We still don’t know why.  Technologically negated as I am, I will most probably never know why.  Why is overrated.

The important things are two, one good and one less so: (1) we are back (Yay!); (2) we have somehow lost the last almost entire year worth of posts (BOO!!!!!!!!!!!)

That’s right, and again, for reasons unknown, everything written since May 2012 is just gone.  Disappeared.  Lost in cyberspace.  Departed.  Vanished.  Never to return.


Here’s the thing.  If you subscribe to our blog, and I don’t know if anyone actually does (no judging, either way), but if you do, you should get an email with the content of each post.  In theory.  I thought I was subscribed.  I was not.  I am now.  But that won’t do me any good.

The problem is, I did not back up any of the posts.  I know they weren’t all Pulitzer prize material, but I was proud of some of them, particularly the more creative ones, the angsty ones, the sassy ones, and (I flatter myself) the few that were really funny.  You remember the ones.

What I would like to do is recreate as much of the content as I can.  Maybe not all of it (let’s face it, some of them were crap.  And who really cares about those “hey, I read this mediocre book and here are my uninspiring lukewarm feelings about it” posts?  Nobody, that’s who).

So the first question is, was anyone subscribed?  Second question, if yes, do you still have any of those emails (or were they all going immediately to your spam folder)?  Again, no judging.  I know some people read and discard all emails within seconds of receiving them.  I know other people that have 10,000+ unread emails in their inbox and haven’t deleted a single item since circa 2003.  If even just one of you falls in that latter category, or somewhere in between, AND would be willing to help me out, in your own time frame and at your convenience, of course, I would really, really, really appreciate it.

So, in conclusion, if any of you have any of dunce posts from May 2012 or later, please send as many of them to me as you are willing to send.  Even if you only have a couple, that will help.  As a reward for your efforts, I shall endeavor to reach previously unfathomable heights of hilarity and spunk and candor.

Thank you all in advance for your kindness and cooperation.

Ever so fondly,

Dunce Two




4 thoughts on “Dunce Emergency!!!

  1. Are you sure your hosting provider doesn’t have a back up somewhere?
    I personally deleted my blog a couple of months ago (I blame the ghost in the machine) and when I thought everything was lost, they managed to find an old back up. Some of the material was lost but it saved a lot of time uploading.

    • It’s possible, but seriously, I have zero techno savvy. What I do have in spades is a weird nostalgic fixation. In some strange, masochistic way, I am kind of looking forward to going back through these lost ones and uploading (or discarding) them one at a time.

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