30 thoughts on “Going Up?

    • I generally tend to think women make everything better, and wouldn’t typically consider being “smooshed in & stuck” with one a bad thing. I’m usually crammed in with obnoxious business types (usually male) who can’t seem to stop talking about work. “It’s Friday, dude. Talk about weekend plans, books you’re reading, or even sports, I guess. But I’m in this elevator to leave my work behind, not to bring it home with me. Sheesh!”

  1. Lucky you, or whoever! Yes, too, too quickly sometimes (but the other way around for us). Fumble with the buttons? Accidentally close the doors again? Oops!

  2. Fab. Ewe. Luss. Perfection from start to finish. I love how the onomatopoeia insinuates itself into the story so organically, rather like an invisible third character.

    PS. Apologies, though, I guess, for not working on a higher floor.

  3. This was funny. The only time I really use elevators is when we go on vacation. I’m usually surrounded by noisy pool water soaked children (two of which are mine.)

    • That is fun too, in its way. Always makes me smile. Vacation season is upon us. Here’s hoping for many pool-soaked elevator rides in the very near future.

    • Oh yeah! With just 33 words, I felt like I couldn’t also cover smells adequately. But nice cologne/perfume DEFINITELY intensifies the sentiments above.

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