American Dream

In last night’s episode, I was pulled from work by a boss-type figure I have never seen before.  As we are leaving, we pass my actual boss coming in.  My boss seems to know this guy, but asks where we are going.  He tells my boss he’s taking me to lunch.  At 10 a.m. 

Good thing, because lunch is in San Francisco, where I meet with other young, bright attractive people.  They ask me how I like being a lawyer, and I tell them.  They ask me if I gave the same answer during my interview, and I said no, I wasn’t nearly so honest.  They laugh and ask “Why not?  Honesty is always the best policy.”  They then give me a series of tests, mostly consisting of having me point at small office objects (Post-its, pens) with my hands and fingers, but moving them with my mind.  They are very impressed.  I am surprisingly unsurprised by my previously unknown ability to do this.  Turns out that they want me to run some financial company from San Francisco that is somehow affiliated with Mensa.  They have a condo for me in San Francisco.  Very ritzy.  I gather it is going to be a step up in the world.  The building I will be working in is extremely nice, like a mini-luxury Wall Street in the streets of San Francisco.  Only nicer.  And no more lawyering.

Then I wake up.

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