The World Will End in Three Days

My mantra for all my writing.  Because you never know.  And if it all ended, now or then, what would I wish I had said?

If I had wisdom, I would share it.  Advice, too, I would give.  But not with any guarantee that it would be helpful or accurate or necessary.  Advice is easy to take, and easy to offer, but is it worthwhile?  Is it urgent?  Not three days urgent.  Certainly not.

Secrets?  I’ve had secrets.  Had secrets and kept them well.  Would I divulge my juiciest secrets just three days from having kept them forever?  I don’t think so.

The only answer I consistently come back to is love.  Love, and love, and love.  I love, have loved, will always love.  I say it often, and sincerely.  Because you never know.  And if left unsaid, it would be my only regret.

There is my advice, my wisdom.  If you love someone, tell them now, and tomorrow, and a hundred times in between.

And if that’s your secret, break it you fool!  Break it now, you can’t break it too soon.  Or soon enough.  Tell them, tell them, tell them!

If you’re reading this, yes you, I love you!  I love, have loved, will always love, no matter what form our souls or bodies take three days from now.

Because you never know.

But now you can never say I never told you.

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