Zombie, Spaceship, Wasteland- Book Review

zombie spaceship wastelandI’m a sucker for a fellow bibliophile, especially a nostalgic one, but egads this was clever and brilliant and unexpected and delightful. Two thumbs enthusiastically up. Laughed out loud numerous times, though it was also cerebral and witty and intelligently humorous. If all you know about Patton Oswalt is that he played “Spencer” on King of Queens, you’re missing out.  Write more, Patton Oswalt. Loved this!

I loved especially his talking about his growing up.  It sounds like he lived life more on the suburban fringes, and killed more brain cells than I did, but his account felt familiar.

Hard to pick particular favorites, and the greeting card section wasn’t my favorite overall section, but in his description of one of the greeting cards, he talks about a student who wrote an opera titled I Have Spent Eight Years Learning from the Lives of People Who Truly Broke Free from the Strictures of Higher Education and Actually Made Their Lives What They Wanted While I Have Failed to Follow Their Example, Will Continue to Fail, and Will Die Unmourned, Confused, and Fat.  Hilarious!

And even in his most hilarious stories, there are moments of profound truth: “You don’t know what innocuous action, taken out of context, might affect the life of someone watching you.”  I won’t spoil what happens next, but it’s a doozie.

Even the “About the Type” section is funny.  Check it out!

I know, I know, there have been the complaints about celebrity authors, and even that comedian authors just pawn off their stand-up routines in book form.  But I was in the mood for this.  I needed this.  It hit the proverbial spot.


I actually listened to it first on audiobook.  I think hearing it in his voice, with his timing (the author narrated the book) was key.  Sometimes he described visual elements in the book, and you wouldn’t completely get those without the hard copy (which I picked up also).  But I thought it was funny and thought-provoking.  It might be a specific taste.  If you like it, great.  If you hate it, my apologies in advance.

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  1. This is probably the wrong place to ask but I was highly interested by your chapter-by-chapter analysis of Blood Meridian. It seems you stopped at chapter fourteen, or at last that’s the last installment your search engine brings up. I’m just curious what happened to it, as you raised some good points in those posts and provided useful definitions for some of McCarthy’s obscure vocabulary.

    • Ivan, there is no wrong place for such an inquiry. The only answer I have for you is that life got in the way. But, that being said, I have regretted that we didn’t see it through, and this is the push I needed to finish it out. Did we stop at Chapter 14? I will pick up there, and see what I can do about getting our next installment out in a timely fashion. Thanks for your interest, and please check back. Are you reading the book now? What else are you reading?

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