2 thoughts on “Blood Meridian, The Musical!

  1. Glad to see you guys back online. I finished the book a couple weeks ago, and scoured every resource to make sense of book. Currently reading “Notes on Blood Meridian” by Sepich.. Look forward to reading rest of your analysis.

    As far as this soundtrack goes, I have to say I’m conflicted. I love the music and I certainly love the references to BM, but the the music really doesn’t support the atmosphere of the novel whatsoever. There is little room for sympathy in the book for anyone. It’s all very cold and murderous work being done. There isn’t much redemption to be found in most, if not all characters. However, the music aim attempts to soften the men in the book, but that is really next to impossible.

    That being said, love the music, it just doesn’t match up with message of novel.

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