Dorothy Parker- The Complete Stories

dorothy parkerIf I had a time machine, the first thing I would do is go back to New York City circa 1930 and kidnap Dorothy Parker.  I would force her to tell me stories.  Ask her for fashion advice.  Writing advice.  Definitely ask for advice about women.  And we would absolutely, absolutely paint the town.  I can’t imagine anything more fun.

I have just finished The Complete Short Stories of Dorothy Parker, and am basking in the residual glow of delight and over-indulgence.  I seriously just binge-read this whole collection, at a furious pace.  I think she would be proud.  She is hilarious.  Uproarious.  Her voice is so modern.  Her eye so all-seeing, unflinching.  Witty, funny, her timing is impeccable.  I know I say this a lot about my favorite authors, but I am in love with her.  She is the best.  If you need to restore your faith in humanity, drop everything right now and go out and find some of her short stories.  It will change your life.

Along these same lines, did you know there is a Dorothy Parker Society?  How unbelievably awesome is that?  I want in, I want in, I want in.  All the way in.  100 times over.

Dorothy, I love you!  Take me with you……….

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