Lost Boys Symphony- Quick Review

lost boys symphonyJust wanted to give a quick shout out to Mark Ferguson’s debut novel, Lost Boys SymphonyI loved it, read it at a break-neck pace, could not put it down.  It would be difficult to review in any detail without some serious spoilers.  The writing itself is very good.  It involves time travel, which is one of my favorite artistic devices/concepts.  He goes into greater depth in terms of addressing how time travel and varying versions of reality would impact thought and memory.

There’s a killer love triangle, and who doesn’t love those?  Probably can’t go into any more specifics without giving too much away.

It feels a little bit like The Time Traveler’s Wife, with elements of like a darker, more contemporary “It’s a Wonderful Life” mixed in.  Cool cover art.

I see that Ferguson works in the industry, book marketing, and that reminds me of a part from a movie I saw recently, “The Rewrite,” starring Hugh Grant (passably entertaining; I always think Grant is funny).  Anyway, in the movie, he is pitching a screenplay idea to a bunch of movie execs/marketers, and they keep talking, I can’t remember the exact term they use, but it’s like a formula for a type of movie the industry is looking for at the time (in the movie, it was something about a kick-ass heroine beating people up and taking no prisoners.  Something like that).  This book felt almost like Ferguson saw a hole in the book marketing landscape and purposefully filled it.  It is very much at place in the great contemporary body of novels on the market right now.

Read it!

Bonus "lost boys" art

Bonus “lost boys” art

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