Surprising Facts About Bestselling Authors

You can find a lot of information on the famous writers – how they lived and how they created their immortal works. Writing is not easy and is quite time-consuming. When reading an interesting book, the reader usually does not think about the features of the character and lifestyle of the writer, who created it. But some facts of his biography,or the history of a book creation are at times very entertaining and even provocative.

George Byron

• He suffered from manic-depressive psychosis.
• The great poet Byron was lame, overweight and extremely loveable – during a year in Venice, according to some reports, he has “blessed” about 250 ladies.
• Byron had an amazing personal collection of strands of hair cut from his beloveds’ pubis.

Charles Dickens

• Dickens was fascinated by hypnosis, or, as they said, mesmerism.
• One of the most popular entertainment for Dickens was visiting Paris morgue, where unidentified parts of bodies were exhibited.
• Charles Dickens always slept with head to the north. He also sat facing north when he was writing his great works.

Oscar Wilde

• Oscar Wilde did not take the works of Dickens seriously and mocked at him for every possible reason.
• In 1878, he graduated Oxford with honors.
• Wilde was a very unique and eccentric personality. He even spent two years in prison. Oscar was convicted on sodomy.
• At the end of the life for some reason he changed his name to Sebastian Melmoth.

Lewis Carroll

• In his personal diaries Carroll always repented of certain sin. However, these pages were destroyed by family of the writer not to denigrate his image. Some of the researchers seriously believe that Carroll could have been Jack the Ripper, which, as we know, had never been found.
• Carroll suffered from swamp fever, cystitis, lumbago, eczema, abrasions, arthritis, pleurisy, rheumatism, insomnia and a whole bunch of various illnesses. In addition, he had a very continuous and very strong headache.
• Carroll personally invented a tricycle, a mnemonic system for remembering names and dates and electric pen.

Agatha Christie

• During the First World War she worked as a nurse in a military hospital. Later she worked in the pharmacy, that is why she became well-educated in poisons and many murders in her books were committed with help of these poisons.
• Agatha Christie suffered from dysgraphia, so she was virtually unable to write by hand. All her famous novels were dictated.
• Brian Aldiss, a person familiar to Agatha Christie, once told about her methods – “She used to finish the last chapter of the book, then choose the most unlikely of suspects and return to the beginning to rework some moments and frame him.”

Arthur Conan Doyle

• Arthur Conan Doyle that invented Sherlock Holmes was an occultist and believed in the existence of the little winged fairies.
• In his stories about Sherlock, Arthur Conan Doyle described the many methods of criminology which were still unknown to police. Among them there are gathering cigarette ash and butts, identification of typewriters, using a magnifying glass to look for traces. Subsequently, the police have been widely used these and other methods of Holmes.
• Arthur Conan Doyle had an extremely strained relationship with Bernard Shaw who once described Sherlock Holmes as a “drug addict, not having a single pleasant quality.”

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