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underratedA friend recently tagged me in a link to an article on obscure and hard to find and grossly underrated books according to 21 of our favorite authors.  I was overjoyed.  Book recommendations are my favorite, and a book recommendation from a favorite author, especially of an underrated, hard to find book, seems like just about the best thing in the world, right?


Still buzzing from the prospect, the list burning a hole in my pocket, I logged on to my library’s online catalogue.  Not a single book came up.

Undeterred, I headed to my trusty local Barnes & Noble.  They had not a single one of the books in stock.

Somewhat deterred, I headed over to Amazon.com.  They didn’t have all of them, and those they had were really expensive, particularly considering most of these books are really old.  There should be cheap used copies lying around everywhere.

Ah-ha!  That’s when AbeBooks.com came to my rescue.  They’ve got everything!  I’ve never looked for a book, no matter how obscure, that they haven’t had.  And for cheap.  Got two of the books on the list for right around $3 and free shipping.  Didn’t spend more than $6 on any single book, including shipping.

I couldn’t be more excited and I can’t recommend AbeBooks more highly.  I’ve used them before for obscure titles, and they are money in the bank.  And they are independent from and kind of competition for Amazon, and that makes me love them even more.  Can’t wait for my new books!

3 thoughts on “AbeBooks.com Shout Out

  1. Where do you do your online book shopping? Barnes & Noble? Amazon? Somewhere else? I’m just curious where people get cheap books and if anything else like abebooks.com exists.

  2. Where do you go to get the best books, I’m in the best cheap books? Is it this site or is it Amazon? Any leads on free books?

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