Book Nerds Unite: Dunce Version

dunce cap catCalling all book nerds, anarchists, and dunces!  We, the dunce academy need to kick this revolution into higher gear.  We need to let the internet know that we are one of the best cyber book clubs around.  We need to rival other book sites like Goodreads and BookRiot and Amazon.  They’ve got nothing on us.  I want a book list and I want it now.  Let’s spread reading and our love of books.  Let’s start a fire.  Find a book, give it to a friend, a stranger, your mailman, your enemy.  I don’t care at this point, we just need to spread the word.What are some great books?  Quick.  Give me a book list.  And let’s gather them all up and share them with the world.  The dunce academy is no fun without dunces.  Submissions, ideas, competitors, book generators.  I want books and book-related ideas falling from the sky.  Hit me up!

dunce cap in class


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