Money to burn

burning-moneyThere is a guy across the hall who has hired a laundry service.  At night, he leaves a bag of laundry outside his office.  In the morning, there are cleaned and pressed shirts hanging from the door, as if by magic.  Don’t get me wrong, if I had money to burn, I would be all about fresh pressed shirts that I didn’t have to launder or iron.  But if I had that kind of surplus, there are other things I would do first.

Specifically, I would look into the following, not necessarily in this order, but definitely before paying someone else to do my laundry:

  1. Masseuse- this might seem considerably less practical, but I love massages, and I think this would improve my personal happiness exponentially.
  2. Brazilian jiu jitsu gym membership- I work out on my own, and have some good equipment in my basement, but I would like to get back into fight training.  If it weren’t so freaking expensive…
  3. Maid- I know, I know, this is kind of like the laundry service, but I actually don’t mind doing laundry.  I kind of find it therapeutic, in fact.  But it’s hard to keep the rest of the house clean, and I think some help here would make everyone’s life better.
  4. Yoga classes- because they are very calming and keep me centered.
  5. More books- because you can always use more books.
  6. Amazon Prime- mainly because it would just provide me better, quicker, cheaper access to books, but also because they have good movies now and I think it would be fun.
  7. Writing classes- I like to write, and do some on my own, but a class would keep me accountable, would provide some guidance, and would let me meet other like-minded people.
  8. Travel- because traveling is awesome and I haven’t been anywhere in way too long.
  9. Nanny- but not too hot of a nanny. It would just be nice, though, for a chance to get away and decompress and not have to constantly be on and present and “daddy.”
  10. A new bike- because my old one is broken and a piece of crap
  11. Or better yet, a motorcycle.  Because why fix a bike when you could upgrade and look super tough in your leather jacket?

Anyone else?  What would you do if you had a little bit extra?  We all have different priorities, I’m just curious.  Be as imaginative and irresponsible and imaginative as you want.

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