You came back to me.  It took longer than I thought it would, but I knew you’d come.  From that first moment, my heart knew.  “Here is a girl who will haunt you forever.”

That smile.  A nightmare smile in absence.  Flashing, unforgotten.  Unforgettable, really.  Captured in minutest detail.  Forever.  Maybe longer.  Every glint.  Every sparkle.  As much in the eyes as the mouth.  That mouth.  Let me drink you drinking me.  Please.

What did we talk about, in that same place as always (naturally, where else)?  The actual words muted, but a warm buzzing drone regardless, naturally.  If honey had a sound…

Where did you go?  Where do you go?  A few forlorn letters and then [POOF] decades of silence.  It’s fine though.  The heart wants.  The heart waits.  Where else would the heart go?  There is nowhere else.

Distance, like time, all relative.  Close your eyes and it collapses.  Like gravity.  It’s all in the mind.  As are you.  Both falling, but not unpleasantly.

A dream only, but no matter.  That simply makes it more real, not less.

And besides, what else is there?  Or could be?

Or would be.

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  1. Nice! I just saw the post tags. Did you actually enter this in a challenge? Did it win anything? It’s good! If this is “out of practice”, I think you should practice more and publish something.

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