If I could have any superpower…

Have you ever been asked the hypothetical question: “if you could have any superpower, what would it be?”  When I was younger, I used to want to be invisible.  Aside from the (perhaps) obvious reasons that a teenage boy would want to possess this talent, it seemed like the ideal ability because you could do literally anything you wanted to do, go anywhere you wanted to go, without having to pay, without being seen, without being judged.  And to a teenager, this seems just about perfect.

Now that I am (a little bit) older, I think I would prefer to be invincible.  (More) confident and sure of who I am and what I want to do, and (somewhat) more able to pay, all I want is to remain strong and together and whole as I pursue my dreams.

When you are young, you aren’t concerned about being invincible because you feel like you already are.

When you are old, you don’t worry about being invisible, because it feels like you get more invisible all the time.

So now I pose the question to you.  Yes, I know, it is kind of silly.  But if you could have one power, one superpower, any superpower, what would it be?

7 thoughts on “If I could have any superpower…

  1. Immortality without infirmity, no doubt. I could read every book, watch every movie, see every sight, and even then, I don’t think I’d get bored.

    I would also like to be able to fly or teleport. I hate the hassle of traveling on planes and I’m too big for lengthy road trips.

  2. I would go all Inspector Gadget-like and have any kitchen utensil, garden implement, key, etc.. at my fingertips at all times. Think of the world of convenience there. I also don’t think that he had to clean any of the implements before they disappeared into his fetching trench coat.

    But I would call myself Utensila.

    • To be called “Utensila” alone, I think you take the cake for coolest superpower yet.

      You’re right; Inspector G cleaned nary and implement before secreting it back in that mysterious trench coat. That bears looking into.

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