The World’s Toughest Philosophers

theodore roosevelt

Drop it, mother*$@*#r!

I’m not talking about in the I-can’t-understand-you-Kant type of tough, as in “so challenging that I can’t even figure out whether I believe any of it or not.”

I’m talking about the philosopher you would want to have at your back in a street fight. People who are philosophic and tough as nails.

We are going to choose teams, and then we’re going to fight outside the library after work.

One rule, you must give a reason why you choose whom you choose.

I get first pick.

Theodore Roosevelt

Many of his idea sync right up with my own, particularly the ideas of “The strenuous life.” That is why I call him a philosopher. If the goal of philosophy is to bring clarity to an intractable issue, his weaknesses and failings were his intractable issues. He was not afraid of self-scrutiny, even though it does not always lead to comfortable revelations.

He was always challenging himself. He was always testing things. He was a judo player. Most importantly to me, he learned and read and valued knowledge.

If he were still around I could see him having a guest role on Sons of Anarchy.

He also got shot in the chest by a would-be assassin and then gave the speech he was there for before he would let them take him to the hospital.

I think I would have enjoyed hanging out with him and swaggering down the streets of Washington, in search of weakness.

You get the next pick.


4 thoughts on “The World’s Toughest Philosophers

    • No, I will have to think about this and give you a more intelligent response. Arnold is pretty tough though. A little light on philosophy, but he sure looked tough in Conan the Barbarian. And have you seen Pumping Iron? Watch out!

  1. Have you read “The River of Doubt,” about Roosevelt’s exploration of an unmapped tributary of the Amazon (at age 54!)? He was fearless.

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