Thought you would enjoy this, Dunce One.  There is some intense Peep-action going on over here at:

And it is apparently creating quite a stir: 73 comments and counting.  Best comment so far:

Holy moly! Am I first? Woo!

This is such a cute idea. However, I happen to love Peeps and would totally be “that girl” to walk past this wreath and yank a Peep off every single time. If it were a wreath made of white chocolate, then I could resist. White chocolate = disgusto. Love your site! Thanks for making me a better “chef”! !

White chocolate = disgusto indeed.

Be sure to click the link, though.  There is a Peep wreath that will blow your mind!!!  What will they think of next?

4 thoughts on “Peeps!!!

  1. Why are you frequenting MBB? Are you lurking on my google home page and clicking the links?

    I saw the peep wreath and thought it was cute, until I realized it would take about $12 worth of peeps to make it, but then again, it would last for years.

  2. That is PRECISELY what I am doing (dang it; I hadn’t dreamed it would have been so obvious).

    How does it last for years? Do they shellac it or something? That would be a rude awakening for would-be Peep thieves!

    • Perhaps it is urban legend, but a peep on your shelf will dry, but never mold. It’s the perfect food to store for Armageddon-esque needs.

      I have to say, that a peep wreath tucked away on a basement shelf might not mold, but it would certainly delight the mice, spiders, ants, and the like. Better to not imbibe.

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