12 Things I (Dunce Four) have Learned from Sons of Anarchy

sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy tattoo - ride or die, Dunces

1. Charming is a great name for a town.  Especially one that’s run by a biker gang, wait, I mean club.

2. Everyone needs some swagger. From the hunched forward shoulders of Clay to Jax’s pendulum-like arm swing, I love it.

3. Bobby Munson is the best of the the SAMCRO crew.  But I think that’s because he’s the most stable.  Now Jax, is of course the prettiest, but let’s be honest here, they all smoke and that’s just downright unattractive.

4. The women in biker clubs are hard ladies.  I do not dispute that they can be pretty, but between Gemma and Tara, my overall impression is–angry.

5. Katey Sagal is PERFECT in her role. I love her aged biker chick style.  She deserved the Golden Globe she won.

6. Not enough clubs have powerful matriarchs.  Now, I would suggest that my own in-law family is definitely run by the matriarch, but imagine the exact opposite of Gemma.  Well, the body is the same (sans tattoos), but everything else is different.

7. Motorcycles are rude. I believed it before watching the show and affirm that it continues to be true. They are too loud. I don’t approve of noise pollution.

8. Irish accents are difficult to understand in any film. I don’t understand most of what is being said during the IRA gun deals–or Chibs’ conversations either.

9. Beards deserve special treatment.  I prefer the more carefully crafted beard of Jax to Opie’s mountain man look.  And by the way, a giant beanie, really, doesn’t it ever get too hot in California for that?

10. It must be tiring to raise hell 7 days a week. I don’t know how they keep up.

11. Bikers subsist on liquor and cigarettes.  That’s a pretty sad diet. They should eat more greens. Maybe everyone would be less irritable.

12. Sometimes you just have to go nomad.  I understand it, Jax.

There you have it. Things I learned from Sons of Anarchy.

Dunce Four, Dunce One’s Old Lady. Later on maybe I’ll write a Sons of Anarchy how to keep an old lady post.

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11 thoughts on “12 Things I (Dunce Four) have Learned from Sons of Anarchy

  1. Dunce Four, do you find the use of the term “Old Lady,” in the exact fashion that you have used it above, offensive in any way? Knee-jerk reaction? I am very curious.

    • Dunce one gives me the respect that the “old ladies” are due in Sons of Anarchy, so no. I don’t find it offensive. Besides, it shows who’s really in charge, right?

  2. Having never seen the show (a failure I intend to remedy tout de suite), I wouldn’t know what respect women are due or given. On the show. And, while I know Dunce One to be ever a gentleman, I can’t tell if you are being facetious.

    Make no mistake, I have long known who was in charge. I just didn’t know they wanted to be referred to in that fashion. This, too, I shall remedy immediately. Can’t wait!

    • On the show the women do refer to themselves as “old lady.” I’m not sure, however, if they wouldn’t b*slap any woman in the grocery store who referred to them in those words. It’s an insider/outsider term

      So, in casual company, Dunce One is NOT allowed to refer to me as the old lady, but in the world of SAMCO, it’s fine.

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