Drunk Ass Souls

I’m all for drunks getting sober. Many of my friends are drunks who have gotten sober. Hell, at one point in my life so many of my musician friends had sobered up, I ended up playing  in a blues cover band that with the exception of myself was made up entirely of  recovering alcoholics and which only played Al Anon events. (It’s true what you hear, by the way: they may not drink anymore but those folks can pound the coffee and cigarettes.)

Having played music for a year or two in the Al Anonosphere I wasn’t entirely surprised this weekend when I passed a motorcycle gang sporting colors that read “Sober Souls, Let Go Let God”.  After all, staying sober requires support and it is not uncommon for recovering alcoholics to construct non-alcoholic versions of hobbies and activities. Nonetheless, a sober blues band is one thing.  But a recovering alcoholic motorcycle club?

Not quite an oxymoron. But it did generate a certain amount of cognitive dissonance.

Although I don’t ride myself, I really enjoy the spectacle of chopper riders rolling along  in two by two columns, V-Twin engines rumbling. It appeals to my inner Johnny Strabler. (What am I rebelling against? Whaddya Got?)  I’ve seen a few different clubs up close over the years. Back in the midwest where I grew up the Grim Reapers were a feared bunch. In New York City the Hell’s Angels chapter “HQ was near my work space. The Philadelphia area where I spent a largely unhappy decade has the Warlocks.

These clubs are among the so called 1 percenter clubs; the 1 percent that are predisposed to criminal activity. As a matter of fact, 99% of the clubs out there are composed of ordinary hard working citizens, including professionals like dentists and lawyers: custom Harleys aren’t cheap after all.

So I am wondering. Are the Sober Souls a 1 percenter club? Or are they in that 99%of law abiding clubs? After all, it’s hard to imagine a sober gang of cylists riding into town and terrorizing the locals. But maybe it happens.

Can the local constabulary arrest and charge you with Sober and Disorderly?

Could you make a movie about a renegade motorcycle club called “The Sober Ones”?

Finally, could  a judge order a convicted 1 percenter to serve the drug and alcohol rehab portion of his sentence with the Sober Souls? Hmmm.

Instead of stopping at a road house for a few pitchers of Bud, I wonder if instead these guys pull off to a 7/11 and pound Slurpees.  I’m sorry. It’s all kind of  like putting a “Hello Kitty” decal on your chopper instead of, I don’t know, a skull bleeding out of every orifice. It’s just not right.

Again, I’m all for sobriety. And I’m all for whatever that takes. But I think Vespas would be a more appropriate choice of ride for The Sober Souls. Or maybe Kawasakis.

But just in case the Sober Souls are also recovering one percenters and one happens to read this, just funnin’ guys. Just funnin’.

6 thoughts on “Drunk Ass Souls

  1. Calling out a biker gang, sober or not, you are braver than I am (not to say I wouldn’t have your back; you raise some good points, and we Dunces have to stick together).

    It does sort of ring oxymoronic, “sober bikers.” Counterintuitive for sure. Maybe they should switch to Vespas.

    What’s your favorite biker movie (if you have one)?

  2. Because you should never ride a Harley and be sober… Durr Hurr. These guys are the “real” 1 percenters: Harley owners with a brain.

  3. This “point” was just brought to my attention on 08/23/2013 and I just had to “counterpoint” on this one. I’ve been clean and sober since May of 1987 and I’ve been a member of the Sober Souls MC since April of 1994. You can check our web-site at SoberSoulsMC.com and you’ll find out what kind of an ass you really are. In my 19 years with this club we have raised 1000’s of dollars for people that need help. We have been involved with toy runs to help out non-profits at Christmas. This last December the Chapter that I am the president of donated 10 $100 gift cards to needy families so that they would have a merry Christmas. Although some of us are felons, because of the things that we do in the community, we have the respect of law enforcement in the various jurisdictions where we ride. Everybody that is a Full Patched member of my Club, our “colors” are represented at the top of your “point”, is totally clean and sober. (We don’t even allow our members to drink near-beer.) Everybody that puts those “colors” on the back of their vest is working a 12 step program of recovery to the best of their ability. Unfortunately we deal with ignorant ass-holes like you, all of the time, that think that a patch-holder, that rides a motorcycle, is part of a “gang”. And what’s wrong with a “Hello Kitty” sticker on your chopper? I use to ride with a guy that had a custom Triumph chopper, and incorporated into it’s custom paint job, he had put paint on the palms of his two daughters hands, and then laid their hands on top of that custom paint job that he had done. The whole idea of being Clean and Sober revolves around the idea of changing your whole lifestyle and being a productive member of society. You will probably never figure that out with your retarded and blighted view. And just an FYI: Vespas are not appropriate for us because when we ride, we really ride! I average more than 15K miles on my bike every year, and that’s in Colorado by the way, and most of my brothers do that or more. Just because we’re Sober doesn’t mean that we’re pussies! Check out our web-site and then feel free to apologize for your statements.

  4. Rick, a sincere thanks for your thoughtful comments. Great to have an insider’s perspective. The post above was a guest post, but I will forward your sentiments along. It is always dangerous to speak authoritatively on a topic you are not the authority on. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong, and I apologize for any unintended offense.

  5. I ran into this as I was doing a Google search for a different club. A club I had not heard of in my local area. My father died as a member of the oldest running club in my state. His club is associated with other clubs in and around my state. They treat me like gold after a LONG search for my deceased father. We were all so happy to find each other. They are my family now. So I’ve spent many parties (family parties where my children are welcome) as well as adult parties with these men. These men are the ones YOU would probably refer to as “the real deal”. But let me tell you, my first exposure in life to any motorcycle club was with a sober club. They were the friends and family of my best friend in high school. This sober club helped me escape a truly nasty, abusive relationship. They defended me, on more than one occasion, with shotguns in hand. You joke about them and a Hello Kitty decal. Lol. No. They are the real deal. They were stand up men who helped an abused, pregnant teen escape certain death. So please, stop trying to paint them in pastel, fluffy colors.

    • Jenn, thank you so much for your thoughts and insights. This was a guest post written several years ago by someone who is not permanently affiliated with the site. Reading the post again, I think any mocking is sort of tongue-in-cheek. Drinking doesn’t make anyone tougher. In fact, one could argue it takes a tougher person to quit and stay sober than it does to develop a taste for alcohol/drugs in the first place. The truth of your comment rings true. Those guys sound tough as nails, loyal to a fault, and you are lucky to have found them. We sincerely apologize if you were offended. Thank you for your comment. All the best!

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