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catch 22 hellerOkay Dunce Two, we’re going to try a little experiment. Have you ever used a book suggester tool? Basically you type in the title of a book, then you get a list of results for related items.

For instance, if I typed the words Don Quixote, then the book suggesters would try to give me a list of suggestions for books like Quixote. Hint: there are none, so those tools are fallible.

Like you.

But I’d still like to see what you can do. So I’m going to throw out a book, you’re going to suggest a title, then I will do the same with your suggestions. Feel free to try to defend your reasoning, although I doubt it will go very well for you.


Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.


28 thoughts on “Book Suggester For Dunces

  1. Am I being tested against a book suggester tool or as a book suggester tool, Dunce One? If subjectivity is fallible, then I prefer fallible to predictable every time.

    My response:

    For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway.

    (different styles, but similar themes, I read them for the first time, about the same time, at the suggestion of the same acquaintance).

  2. What are non-existent-books-based-on-films-that-Tom-Hanks-was-actually-entertaining-in-before-he-started-subjecting-us-to-insomnia-defying-tours-de-force-like-The-Terminal for $1000, Alex?

  3. Nor was Becoming Jane Austen by Jon Spence. The only thing worse than a Jane Austen novel: a Jane Austen biography. And the only thing worse than that: the thought of ACTUALLY becoming Jane Austen (shudder).

  4. Followups in the same series? I didn’t know there were any. As is so often the case, the idea has much more potential than the reality of its execution. For my part, I would have enjoyed more zombies and less Austen.

      • It sounds like too much of a good thing. Kind of like everything Gregory Maguire did other than Wicked. Wicked was delightful, but Son of a Witch was decidedly not. And both Mirror, Mirror and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister left much too much to be desired.

        • I feel similarly about the Grisham series. John Grisham. Have you ever read any of his. The first time I read The Firm, and granted, that was a long time ago, I loved it, and thought it was one of the most fun books I had read. But others in the series paled in comparison, and Skipping Christmas was just a bad, bad thing (that they made a movie about it, downright criminal).

          • I loved A Time To Kill and could take or leave just about everything else. Speaking of Christmas and horrors, have you heard The Cat Carol?

  5. i never could get enough of e.e. cummings, though. all i have read of his is Collected Poems, though I have always been intrigued by the prospect of his &. and he also wrote a play called HIM that was supposed to have been ahead of his time. maybe one of these days i’ll get around to it.

  6. That’s right, I forgot your sheer disgust with all things poetry. “Every other word” might be a bit of an overstatement; sometimes I think he went as much as three words between punctuation.

  7. Just saw the Time to Kill comment. Yes, that was quite good. I saw the movie three times. I wonder if Matthew McConaughey plays about that same role in the more recent The Lincoln Lawyer.

    As for The Cat Carol, is that a book? I looked on Amazon and Goodreads, and even tried a book suggester tool. All I could come up with were some links to Youtube. But these were disturbing indeed.

  8. I still think GD is funny.

    I would relive the day in 7th grade when my dad came to get me out of school for a surprise. He took me and my best friend to my first NBA game in SLC. The Jazz were playing Seattle in the playoffs.

    An absolutely perfect day.

    Life Aquatic? I was entertained for about 20% of it and annoyed by the rest. Wes was starting to get a little too precious for this dunce.

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