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Hanna Movie

Poster from the movie Hanna

After Dunce Two’s insane review of the movie Frozen, which is quite good–the movie, not the review, which froths with babbling madness–I thought I’d jump in with a review of my own.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Hanna, which also features a young person in peril. Although unlike Frozen, Hanna knows how to handle her situation–and everyone else.

She’s a bit of an assassin/operative/pale-little-girl, you see, raised up by the Arctic Circle by a man with an accent who appears to be her father. They spend their days sparring with sticks, hunting, doing pullups from tree branches. At night he reads to her from fairy tales and science books.

Then one day he brings her a box with a red button. If she pushes it “they will know where you are,” he tells her. “And it won’t stop until she’s dead, or you are.”

“She” is Cate Blanchett, a tooth-sucking Federal Agent who plays a very convincing wicked stepmother/witch figure. There are even a couple of scenes in a gingerbread house.

They come to get her, Hanna makes a spectacular escape, and the hunt is on.

Once her pursuit of Hanna turns out to be more complicated than she had hoped, Blanchett enlists the most bizarre group of assassins I have ever seen to help her track the girl down. I’m not one to focus on wardrobes during movies, unless it’s a period piece and all of the women are wearing corsets, but these guys caught my eye, for reasons I won’t get into here. Think Hitler Youth combined with…well, I don’t even know. HY + Romper Stomper +  yoga mom in Lulu Lemon pants?

I also enjoyed the music, done by The Chemical Brothers. If you’re not familiar with them, you’ll be struck by how odd the soundtrack is, but it fits, because everything in the film is a little (or a lot) quirky.

A fun, fast, goofy action movie with a killer kid who would clean house in Battle Royale or The Hunger Games.

Rating: 119 Ugly Stepsisters

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hanna

  1. I wanted to see this. I gather from your review that, while still possibly enjoyable, the storyline is a little far-fetched (which I think is okay; what movie plot isn’t these days? Everyone is trying to out-Matrix/Inception each other). I will check it out.

  2. I saw this just last night. Brilliant! Loved every second of it! It was like the Jason Bourne movies, only more artsy. That little girl was AWESOME!!! I see what you mean about the villains, particularly the skinhead hit squad. Bizarre-o! The music was perfect, the cinematography was EXCEPTIONAL! I give it at least 200 ugly stepsisters, and a big bad wolf.

    (It almost makes me want to go live in a hut in Siberia for 15 years, becoming fluent in 10 languages, and learning how to fight like a jacked up Anderson Silva).

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